No boots today

The college students are all buying them up. LL Bean Maine hunting shoes in particular. Why? I do not know. Are they suddenly fashionable or whatever? Could be. An anti-Imelda Marcos thing? I do not know. I actually own an ancient pair. Or maybe not. An exhaustive rummage through the front closet via the GG doesn’t seem to be turning them up. Maybe I got rid of them? I think I probably did. This is what passes for breaking news around here.

“We’ve” given up looking for my old Maine hunting boots now. I am sure that I did get rid of them. I just don’t remember when. I’ve been flinging for something like eight years now. Which fling was it? They weren’t my faves and I didn’t think either one of the beach urchins would *ever* want them. Why? Of course I had fergotten that kids grow up and… well I am outta words. But still, my feet are a size larger than my childrens’ feet so those boots would be too big and, having taken a hike in an ANCIENT (think 1940s) pair of The Comm’s old boots, I wouldn’t wish the misery of taking a hike in your mother’s long-unused and ill-fitting shoes on anyone.

LL Bean’s shtick is that college students are buying up all the Main Hunting Shoes but I can’t help wondering if the dearth is also due to fears of another Polar Vortex type winter.

Yesterday we tried to order a face cord of wood. At least I think it was a face cord of wood. I am not exactly “up” on woodpile measurement terms. I can stack it though. Except that I always seem to do “something” wrong. We did find some wood but it took a while. All of the usual suspects were sold out. Why? I think everyone expects another Polar Vortex type winter. I have stacked many face cords of wood back in the day when the GG was the main bread-winner and I schlepped kids around and did not contribute cash to the household economy. I could’ve helped yesterday but the GG seemed to be having his own fun and I was glad not to have to help.

We’ll close this with the GG and I responding simultaneously to a music question with “Mellow Yellow“. In jeopardy fashion, does anyone know what the question was?

One Response to “No boots today”

  1. Margaret Says:

    They call me Mellow Yellow, that’s right. Saffron is in the song too, but I can’t think of WHO sang it. We are having such a mild(but rainy!) October so far. We are supposed to have a mild, DRY winter. We’ll see. Hope you have an easier winter than last.