My older beach urchin spent the night here last night. She had to sleep on one of the couches in the Back Room because the bed in the Guest Bedroom is [again] full of crap despite multiple trips to Kiwanis. My goal is to have it clear by Thanksgiving. Think I’ll make it?

So we tiptoed around this morning even though I knew that Lizard Breath would probably not sleep very late since she has a responsible job and had to drive back to DayTwa. But still, being suddenly awakened by bright lights and noise, etc…. Well, we tried but I did have to empty the dishwasher…

She did indeed get up before the sun came up and I think she hit Zingerman’s @plummarket before hitting the I94 18-wheel Slogway. I certainly didn’t provide breakfast but I know that she didn’t expect me to. I had to get to work too. But I worked from home for a bit this morning. While Liz was still here, she caught me rummaging in the Monster Closet. “Whatcha doing mom?” “Deciding what to wear today.”

I was just trying to find a Work Outfit for the day. Not that hard, given my job and wardrobe. But. Why did I work from home for a bit this morning? Because DreamMaker Kitchens is putting MY kitchen up for a design award. All I had to do this morning was sign my life away but I didn’t clearly explain that to my Lizard and so I think she thought that they would take photos of my chitchen (and maybe meeeee). No…. They already have pitchers of my chitchen. I’m sure that they have asked other folks to sign off on this award thing who have declined. Me? YOLO.

BTW I loved that the young woman who came to get my signature had kind of dark pink dyed hair. Once back in the dark ages, I let some teenagers make a purple “streak” in my hair. They did a good job but my hair isn’t conducive to having a “streak” so it was more like a Random Blotch. My current (loverly) little slot in Corporate America bends over backwards to allow casual dress. That results in some pretty weird outfits but I am not sure they would tolerate purple hair blotches and that’s okay with me, especially given my last experience with purple dye [grin].

When I was a young high-school type whippersnapper, people probably dyed their hair but only natural colors. I didn’t except for Sun In (google it) but wigs were another fad and I wore them! I had a short blonde one, a dark brown bob (which did NOT fit my coloring at all) and a “dishwater blonde” shag — which was probably the most appropriate. I do not have photos of any of those in my iPhone or anywhere. Sorry.

I wanted to say how much I loved this young woman’s hair but I didn’t quite get there. But y’know, We were meeting for a business purpose and, as far as I’m concerned, I didn’t really care what her hair looked like and that’s how it should be!

One Response to “Photoshoot

  1. Margaret Says:

    Cool about your kitchen! I have no need to google Sun In. 🙂 I envy you having a daughter home; mine are TOO far away.