Jane was a dancer, she never said the answer…


My cuzzint Sally wanted me to send this photooo to her sister, saying that it was her. Sally, that is. Sorry, I can’t do that. I mean I can send the pitcher but Sally does not look like an ugly Halloween-style witch at all. She is a beautiful woman and one that I have loved and looked up to since I was a small child.

So we met Sally and her husband over at our neighborhood steakhouse / pub tonight and had so much fun we just about had to drag ourselves out of there. Every time I talk to Sally it seems we uncover more little tidbits about the shared parts of our lives. Things that I didn’t know or sorta knew but wasn’t sure about the details. Things that she didn’t know or sorta knew but wasn’t sure about the details. I won’t say any more about that. I will say that I have the best cousins (and cousins once and twice removed et al ad infinitum). So glad to have such a wonderful bunch of family members on both parents’ sides.

And then there was the moment we got home. We walked, of course, because that’s what we always do. And… The GG couldn’t find his iPhone. He quickly ascertained that it was back at the restaurant. I was grumbling and grumping about how stoopid he could be to leave his iPhone in a restaurant. He took off in the Frog Hopper to [hopefully] retrieve his iPhone. When he returned maybe 15 minutes later, not only did he have his iPhone, he had my wondrous Maple Leaf Backpack!!! Which I had LEFT AT KNIGHT’S!!! There was nothing of value in that backpack but it is my all time fave backpack. And yes I am eating crow right now for being snarky to the GG about leaving his iPhone over there. Pride *always* goes before a fall. Never fergit that! I know my nine reglears [sic] don’t.

And just for fun, here’s Eileen from the early days of MTV. Too-ra-loo-ra-too-ra-loo-rye-ay.

One Response to “Jane was a dancer, she never said the answer…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I think the more fun one has, the easier it is to forget something. I have left library books at places and even my TABLET once. Horrifying.