Skeletor Flocking

Oh dear. It’s the day before Halloween. Do you know what that means? That means that the LSCHP recruits a little gaggle of his minions to flock somebody’s cube. Of course, he recruits the minions that sit closest to his office and that includes yer fav-o-rite blahgger. I am not the best at holiday decorations so I accepted the invitation with a wee bit of trepidation but y’know, when the LSCHP invites you to a flocking operation, you *go* to the flocking operation. At least we weren’t sent on any missions to Woldemort this year. He schlepped all of the paraphernalia in himself and obviously had a great time picking it all out including some Harlequin-type romance paperbacks. I do *not* understand what those were about so I guess it’s an inside joke. Probably one I don’t want to know about [grin].

Last year, we flocked the Queen Bee’s office. We did it on the morning of Halloween and I was late because it was my Coffee Day and they joshed me about being late, then handed me a bunch of stuff to blow up. Inflatable stuff, I mean. A black cat and a witch’s hat and I fergit what else. I do have the lungs for that kind of task and that stuff is still hanging around the Queen Bee’s office. Nothing like working with a witch over your head.

This year our flocking operation involved skeletons and what I can only call “wraiths”. I *love* the “wraiths” and if I weren’t into a flinging stage of life, I would buy some for the Landfill but I am flinging, so there won’t be any “wraiths” anytime soon. We hung the “wraiths” from the ceiling. Fortunately, FZ is right across the “street” from the LSCHP, because he is the only one of us tall enough to stand on a desk and hang things from the ceiling. Of course, there is also a big stepladder around somewhere. I know because they did a wee bit of flocking in my office when I *finally* returned full-tilt boogie to my cube after The Comm died and they left the ladder in my cube. Here I was wondering something like, “Do I still have a job or not?” I knew as soon as I saw the ladder (and then the welcome back sign) that I did. Whew! Not everyone has that kind of employment situation and I appreciated that my superiors had the confidence that I would return and become productive again. But I digress. We didn’t commandeer the stepladder today and FZ got up on the desk to hang the “wraiths”.

So tonight is Devil’s Night or Angel’s Night or whatever you want to call it. Given that last year we had something like *seven* trick-or-treaters, my vote went for bagging Halloween and walking down to the Oscar Tango. The GG still wants to do Halloween, it turns out, so I made him at least put up some orange lights, etc. I guess we are committed now since last night we ran onto our neighbor upon returning from Knight’s and she assured us that her sons would be out. As usual, I have a big bag of quality snack-size candy bars. I will liberally hand it out to any kid who comes by and hope that buses minivans drop off kids from neighborhoods where trick-or-treat isn’t as lucrative. Maybe my neighbor will adopt whatever is left? Otherwise it’ll sit around here until xmas and my beach urchins will taunt me about it [wink].

I had nothing in mind to blahg about so this is all random blather and there is no photoooo because I am on a photography “diet”. I am down to 5030 photos (from 8000 or thereabouts) on my iPhone. And counting. Yeah, I posted a photo last night. Like I have always said, I have “rules” for my blahg but I break them if I damn well want to and y’all should too!

It might be cool to put our outdoor faaarplace in the driveway and sit out there with our candy tomorrow night. It’s supposed to be chilly tomorrow but we can dress for that and maybe if the parents who almost always accompany their kids around here could see that we are just baggy old parents of grown-up trick-or-treaters, they might be more comfortable with letting their kids trick-or-treat at our house.

Love y’all and please come and trick-or-treat at my house,
Kayak Woman

One Response to “Skeletor Flocking”

  1. Margaret Says:

    You’ve made great progress on the photos! 🙂 But you can do whatever you want, and that’s powerful. I don’t feel like doing Halloween but I will. (I have candy!)