Red Plaid Nation!

I love the Red Plaid Nation but I don’t participate in it. It just isn’t my style, at least not right now. I dress either in black with accent colors or tie-dye. You won’t *ever* catch me in a Stormy Kromer hat (or even an Ida Kromer). They are loverly hats but I have my own trio of winter faves: purple ski band, black-sequined bomber hat, and balaclava for when I need to cover my whole head. I was thinking today that maybe I need to come up with a token red plaid item. Scarf or something. We’ll see. (Er, maybe Stormy Kromer could come up with a “hiking skirt” that I could wear over my black leggings. But not with my pink ski jacket… Hmmm…)

It was a Red Plaid Sunday here at The Landfill. I heard a grokking noise as I returned from a morning trip to my fave Plum Market and there was Mr. Red Plaid aka Stormy Kromer standing by the south side of the house with his telescope. Whatcha watching, sunspots? Yes, he was.


I got a chance to look at the sunspots too. With this telescope they look like, well, sunspots. I missed what happened next, which is that the GG saw an *airliner* cross in front of the sun through the telescope! This was a major chore day, mostly outside but I did some KILLER work inside and managed to make really good progress on some long-standing issues. The outdoor chores were more photogenic and here is The GG Stormy Kromer on the roof with a leaf-blower. Yes, I was nervous…


And then it was mid-afternoon and Stormy Kromer asked me if I wanted a beer. I didn’t really but then he said that we were gonna have a little faaaar in the backyard and burn sticks. I didn’t want beer but I grabbed some whine PDQ and we sat out there for an hour or so.


It would’ve been fun to sit around and drink whine in the backyard all afternoon on this beautiful sunny day. Not very warm but not windy either. But we had some other plans and those involved welcoming the return of Eastern Standard Time to the Great Lake State by taking a mini-hike over at our fave urban hiking place, aka Barton Dam. The sun didn’t set while we were there but it did sink behind the hills.

Good night. Love y’all and happy time change, assuming your state changes to daylight savings and back.

One Response to “Red Plaid Nation!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Hate the time change and will dislike it even more when I’m running in the dusk/dark. Ugh. I love the red plaid; he looks like a country boy. 🙂 Ann Arbor isn’t exactly country though, is it?