Three and counting

Satisfying day altogether doing my regular Saturday Planet Ann Arbor chores and some pre-cooking for the week ahead. Not to mention four (count ’em) trips to various food shopping destinations. Farmer’s market at 0-skunk-30 this morning. Meijer to take back bottles and buy paper towels, etc. Then two trips to the Plum Market. Every time I go there, the cashiers ask me if I have found everything I needed. Not that they really care, they are just trained to do that. My answer is always something like, “Yes but I’ll probably be back.” I *do* frequently go back and I did today. Why? It’s complicated but mundane enough that you do not want to know.

We bought a new lawnmower today. That is, the GG bought a new lawnmower today. I mentioned this to a visiting beach urchin this afternoon and she raised her eyebrows in a bit of surprise. Really, it is pretty much a non-event to spend a few hundred bucks to replace a 30-year-old lawnmower. The GG was out “vacuuming” up leaves with the lawnmower most of the morning while I was out and about returning bottles and getting grokkeries. I was in the Landfill Chitchen processing farmer’s market veggies when I heard the lawnmower make a funky noise. I didn’t think anything much about that. I’ve heard it before and the GG always fixes it. “Oh, it sheared a pin again…” As I schlepped a bunch of Science Experiments out to the compost heap, I noticed the GG hanging around at the potting bench with a tool kit but I didn’t really pay attention to what he was doing.

If I have it right, it turned out that he took the [30-year-old] lawnmower apart and put it back together *twice* and couldn’t get it to work. I guess its time had come because the GG finally came inside and asked me if I wanted to go out and look at lawn mowers with him. No Thanks!!! That sounded a lot like watching paint dry to me. I thought about the time that we needed a new washing musheen and he made the folks at Big George take all of the washing musheens apart so he could see what kind of controls they had. No thank you. I’ll stay home and do my chores and pick away at flinging.

We have a new lawnmower now. We own multiple lawn mowers, ahem… My beloved father-in-law also owned multiple lawn mowers but he was a mechanical engineer who loved to play around with motors and things. I will never forget a weekend when we were at Houghton Lake and he was tinkering with one of the lawn mowers. It was an on-and-off rainy day. When it stopped raining, he would call me to help him put the mower up on the picnic table so he could work on it. When it started raining again, he would call me to help him take it down off the picnic table. Those were the days and I miss that guy.

There was a Umich feetsball game in town today but the GG didn’t watch nap to it. He *is* watching an “Ole Miss” feetsball game. We are not southerners at all. Go figger.

And here’s Fat Bottom Girls only because we were just “arguing” about who wrote it. I said “Queen”, then I second-guessed myself. An Internet search proved my first guess right. Killer Queen remains my fave Queen song.

Oh sigh. Bear killed near mile-marker 209 on the I75 SUV Speedway. The driver was not injured. Godspeed to the bear. That’s four miles north of where a deer hit the Frog Hopper a few years ago. We always watch for deer. Hitting a bear on the freeway is very unusual.

2 Responses to “Three and counting”

  1. Paulette Says:

    I was at the Plum-WONDERFUL market last Tuesday. With a Zingerman’s! What a gem. I love it, and wish it were here. (sigh). It was around 5:00 p.m. and I was smiling to myself as I walked through that I might just run into KW and wouldn’t THAT surprise her.

  2. Margaret Says:

    Sounds like a busy day in all ways! I finally had to replace my 18 year old mower, but it was cheap and had given me great service. Patt used to love to tinker with mowers and any other machine, but I don’t have the skills. Bears–SHIVER.