I did not compost my “I voted” sticker. Did you?

My voting experience today… When you live in the Great Lake State and have attained an age that shall not be mentioned, you are eligible to vote absentee without lying about your whereabouts on election day. I elected to vote in person. Why? Well whyyyyyy not? By the time the polls opened, I had been out galumphing all over the neighborhood for an hour. Obviously I am able-bodied enough to get to the polls, plus they are literally in my back yard at the elementary school the beach urchins attended. I’m not crowing about this in any way, shape, or form. I know that it is difficult and / or inconvenient for many people to get to the polls. I can easily do it and so I do unless I am legitimately out of town on election day. If I was infirm or it was more difficult to get to my polling place, I would vote absentee.

Because it was a mid-term election, the polling place was set up in the school cafetorium. The small elections are always in the lobby because hardly anybody shows up. When I got there it was about 10 minutes to seven and I was Number 9 in line. Oh ho! Guess who was number 6? Somebody whose vote(s) I will no doubt cancel out, that’s who. I placed my backpack on the floor so nobody would think I was trying to cut in line and scampered up to “tap” number 6 so he would know I was there. I may have been number 9 but I was outta there before number 6. Who was first? Mr. Mxyzptlk, of course! He cycled past me as I was walking back over to the Landfill to get ready for work.

Does *anybody* know which judge(s) to vote for? *Once* I voted *for* a judge. It was Judge Libby and I actually knew her. Yes. A lawyer who lived in a little house in my nice but not fancy neighborhood instead of some big ugly McMansion out in some once-farm field. She was the Haisley Mafia Mom of one of Lizard Breath’s friends and a co-smuggler of whine to girl scout overnights and I didn’t even know she and her daughter’s dad were divorced until somebody told me. That’s the way it should be if you want to raise a well-adjusted kid. Anyway, she a class A person who was elected and has served for many years now. Today? I did vote for one judge candidate because MMCB recommended her to me. I agree with MMCB on *most* but not all polly-tickal issues and/or candidates but I still figger it was a random choice at best. The rest of the judges? I had no clue who those people were.

I did not compost my “I voted” sticker but maybe I should have this year because I was not in any way enthused by any of the candidates I voted “for”. Mouse accidentally dropped her sticker in my compost bin and, and as a friend of hers said on facebook, there was a lot of compost on the ballot this time around.

2 Responses to “I did not compost my “I voted” sticker. Did you?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Interesting–whose vote did you cancel out? WA has all mail in voting and I do miss the actual polling places, although I’m sure it got increasingly difficult to find volunteers to set up, man/woman the stations and then put away.

  2. Tonya Says:

    Even before WA went all mail-in voting, I voted absentee. I’ve always loved combing over the ballot in the comfort of my own home and referring to the voter’s pamphlet as I did so. I think I’ve only voted a couple of times in a polling place, and I remember it was difficult as a single mom. I wish the country would standardize voting (allow early voting everywhere, have it all be mail-in [or make election day a holiday and therefore easier for everyone to vote], and cool it on the idiotic voter I.D. shenanigans. My voter’s registration card took care of all that when I applied for it.