Hump Day overhang

If you are one of my regular nine, you may know that I am one o’ them thar Planet Ann Arbor libruls and my so-called team lost pretty big-time. Actually, I lie. I am not really a librul at all, Planet Ann Arbor or whatever. I used to call myself a centrist but I haven’t heard that term in years so nowadays I guess I call myself an indy. I voted for both dems and repubs yesterday, albeit mostly dems. The repubs have moved waaaayyyy too far to the right for meeeee. So we’ll see. We didn’t hear a whole lot of rape philosophizing this time around. I am guardedly encouraged by that. But I will be watching to see if these people continue to chip away at abortion rights because everybody always says, “Oh, it’s not about that” but then they start drafting laws that will close clinics, etc. The Republican governor that I cannot stand here in the Great Lake State won his election (I expected he would). He’s talking about roads today. I hope he manages to fix them this time around because they are AWFUL! And, uh, GLBT rights? Really? I hope so but I’ll believe it when I see it. He sure wasn’t friendly toward those folks in his first term. Did one of his kids come out or is he just succumbing to hard-working tax-paying constituents who happen not to be straight couples like the GG and I? I have no clue.

Okay, KW, stop offending people with your librul radical views and get on to happier topics! “We” here at the Landfill are trying to problem-solve how I can outfit myself with a Red Plaid Nation hiking skirt! Outta the blue, the GG suggested I make one! Hmmm… I can drive a sewing musheen at 90 mph… I would have to find red/black plaid buffalo plaid fabric. I would have to find (or make) an appropriate pattern. Hiking skirts for trail hiking need to be mini-skirts. I was soooo fashionable (or not) wearing mini-skirts in the 1960s. Who knew that I would revisit the miniskirt at a much later stage of life.

I love to wear skirts to hike. I am dying for a Red Plaid Nation mini-skirt that I can wear over my usual black leggings to hike in the winter. Elastic waist is essential. That’s what hiking skirts are all about.

The GG found a few buffalo plaid garments on the Internet. Most of them were not anything like what I want. One of them was $345. I pointed that out to him and he “doubled down” on that website and realized that we would be buying the *woman*, not the skirt. Oops.

4 Responses to “Hump Day overhang”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I am what I consider a moderate liberal. I voted for no Republicans this time for the reasons you list. I used to when they were more rational and realistic in their thinking.

  2. Pooh Says:

    Joann Fabrics might have red plaid in flannel.

  3. Pooh Says:

    Or maybe red plaid tights. One of the preschool teachers was wearing argyle tights yesterday.

  4. Uncly Uncle Says:

    I voted a straight ticket for the republicans and am proud of it. Sorry that Terri Land did not win. Obama is a lame duck, thank God.