Dooya think if I buy my Ninja some snow taaarrrrs, it’ll stop snowing?

Came outta Barry Bagels this morning to guess what? Of course you are right. Great big beeyootyful fluffy snowflakes. I thought about takin’ a pitcher of my poor little Ninja’s veeeendsheeeld but couldn’t quite get up the gumption. It’s okay. It was just a shower. It didn’t stick around and the roads (here) were A-OK. Today’s Coffee Buddy (looonng time friend) quit her job over the summer and was heading home to fling and I was envious but I headed off to Cubeland. I am heavy into a Flinging Mode right now but I have scant little time to do much about it. But I like my little job and, after being underemployed most of my adult life, that paycheck kind of rocks. How did I get here? I do not know. People sometimes ask me how I found this job and I have to be honest and tell them it was a total accident, a crash landing in a way. Oh, I’m not like Marissa or Sheryl or The Donald or whoever. Not anywhere near. So don’t be envious. Just know that if you are a young Creative Type wondering if you will ever be appreciated enough to get paid for what you do, do not despair. I was once there and I am doing okay.

I guess I got off on a couple of tangents there. High school chemistry memory: Mr. T to Miles, my lab partner, “Miles, don’t get off on a tangent.” I ran into Miles at some point later on and he “remembered” spilling acid on my leg. Uh, I do not remember that. Miles was a cool kid and cute enough to be potential boyfriend material except that he was my age and I tended to date older boys back then. Go figger.

So, it isn’t really snowing around here at least not significantly but I am kind of freaked out about how much snow the yooperland is getting. Western lower peninsula too. I was freaked out this morning when NPR was reporting road closures all over the western lower peninsula due to accidents. It’s the driving that freaks me out. PLEASE SLOW DOWN WHEN IT SNOWS! But the yooperland? I grew up in the yooperland and have spent my adult life visiting Sault Ste. Siberia with quite some frequency. It is not unusual to have a significant snowstorm in November or even October but the photooos that people are posting from up there? Those snowbanks look like mid-March.

Stoves? Heating stoves? Cooking stoves? Yesterday, two of my cuzzints commented about stoves in the Old Cabin. Yes, there was a stove on the hearth in the Old Cabin when we were young. My parents had bought it and when they built the moomincabin next door (when I was six) they moved it over there and I can still remember going out to collect kindling to start faaarrs in it. I can also remember the time some of us kids were warming up in our beach towels in front of it after swimming on one of those loverly days when the wind was howling outta the northwest and I reached my hand back behind me and got a pretty dern good burn. And then there was the time that the ‘rents put the charcoal grill under that stove for the night and, in the middle of the night, it re-ignited. All was well but there was a wee bit of scrambling there. Oh, and, my one and only dog Tigger used to sleep under the cabin next to the chimney because it was warm there. Eventually the parents got rid of that stove (not sure what they did with it) and replaced it with a gas thingy that I’m not crazy about but it does do the job and you can turn it off on those days that start out frosty and warm up quickly. The old wood stove would keep the place hot all day, whether you needed heat or not. Hmmm, maybe that’s one reason they got rid of it. Nowadays, if I am really cold after a swim, I can take a nice hot shower. Back in those days, the lake was where we bathed, rain, wind, or whatever. It could be fun and the beach urchins and I would sometimes wash our hair in the lake even though we had long had a shower in the cabin by the time they were old enough to wash their own hair.

The old wood cooking stove? I was very young so I don’t have very accurate memories of that thing but I *think* I can remember our grandma (Margaret) baking pies in it. I’m sure The Comm and all of the G2 aunts could do that too. I’m sure that Bubs remembers this!

I wish I had photos of those old stoves and I may have but there’s no way I’m gonna look for them tonight!

3 Responses to “Dooya think if I buy my Ninja some snow taaarrrrs, it’ll stop snowing?”

  1. l4827 Says:

    We too feel the need to get some snow tires in lieu of the approaching environment.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I have studless snow tires that I haven’t put on my SUV yet, but I live in Western WA, so one snow storm that lasts a few days is major for us. I used to love snow as a child and wondered why it always made my mom so grumpy. 🙂 When we used to go over to the grandparents’ houses for the holidays(they lived East of the mountains, meaning the Cascades), we would deal with many, many feet of snow. They don’t get as much these days, although still more than we do. And I will stay over here on the coast, thank you very much!

  3. Jay Says:

    Back to the wood stove – my most frequent memories are dad using it to heat the kitchen up in the morning – on the cold mornings, and heating water in the water hold (not in a tea kettle). Then later using the tea kettle for water for dishes.