You are not wearing a hat!

iceFirst of all, I totally stole this photo without permission from Our Northern Correspondent’s facebook feed. I’m gonna guess it’s okay with her. This is what the edge of the moominbeach looks like today after an 18 inch snowfall over several days. Yes, ice is forming on Gitchee Gumee.

I cannot believe that people here in the god-forsaken Great Lake State often do not wear hats when it is 30 or 20 or 10 or 0 or even below zero. Do you really think people care that much about what your hair looks like if you’ve lost half your ear lobes from frostbite? My buddy of Porterization was wearing a hat tonight! A bomber-type hat a lot like my own beloved one. A guy from Cleveland was *not* wearing one. Go figger.

You can bet that I wore my beauteous bomber hat to walk downtown tonight. The black sequined one. The one The Commander bought me at Barish Brothers a few years before she left the earth. The Comm always wished for me to present myself with tasteful understated elegance. Guess what, mom, that is not exactly who I am. Ran around like a wild injun as a kid. Makeup and wild-looking mini-skirt-type clothing as a teenager. Nowadays, I am a wee bit more understated in terms of fashion. I stick to certain colors and styles and COMFORT is my buddy. If it doesn’t fit exactly right or feel exactly right, i.e., I have to keep tugging at it all day, it goes into the donation box. I *will* wear color! Purple tights anyone?

Anyway, The Comm and I saw this beauteous black sequined bomber hat at Barishes and I fell in love with it. Moom, you can buy me *that* for xmas. She was kind of squinting at the hat and then at me and I could tell she was thinking it over. She didn’t really want to contribute to my fashion delinquency but she also didn’t want to buy me stuff that I wouldn’t wear or use. The Comm was *always* very good at putting together boxes of “stuff” for xmas and birthdays but by that time we were both flinging and I didn’t need anything and she knew it and, well, she could’ve sent money but I didn’t really need that either so… I was ecstatic when I opened the box with the black sequined bomber hat that xmas. Thank you mom!!! Really!

Errrr.. The truth is that I didn’t wear it right away. Not that year and maybe not the next. I loved it but I kind of wondered if I had maybe gone a bit over the top. Plus those were not cold winters and my ski band served me well. When I very tentatively started wearing the bomber hat a few years ago, I was overwhelmed by the compliments I received and nowadays I wear it with aplomb. When somebody compliments me about it, I always say, “My mother bought me this hat!”

4 Responses to “You are not wearing a hat!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I adore this post so much and would love a photo of you in the hat! I don’t like the look of that snow…

  2. Paulette Says:

    I love your sequined bomber hat!

  3. l4827 Says:

    Well, there is a hats off to us …

  4. Pooh Says:

    “Nowadays I am a wee bit more understated in terms of fashion”… Well maybe in Ann Arbor, or at work. I’m thinking about cabin wear, especially your tie-dye shirt with the turquoise hiking skirt. It gives me the giggles just thinking about that outfit and “understated”!