@LakeSuperior If I can make snow every day for the rest of eternity, I would.


This photo is not from Gitchee Gumee. It is from the Houghton Lake webcam. We tried to put a webcam up at the Moomincabin a few years ago but wouldn’t you know the first thing that happened after we closed up the cabin for the winter was that the tree we put the cam in fell down. We really want to have a webcam up there but it isn’t easy all that easy. But this photooo is from the Group Home at Houghton Lake and this is pretty early for ice to form.

This morning was not particularly fun. I took my 0-skunk-30 walk in my purple Keens. They were fine despite the occasional skim of snow on the roads and sidewalks. If the predictions are accurate for tomorrow, I will need boots and YakTrax. And I am not at all looking forward to my commute.

This morning’s commute? I was fine, sorta. Until I got over to Oak Valley. Yucky stuff on that road. And then there was Ellsworth near State. Ice. Yes. There is always ice there. I managed to navigate the ice safely (most people were going very slow). I got to work and somebody on Twitter tweeted that Ellsworth Road near State Street was a sheet of ice. Yes.

One Response to “@LakeSuperior If I can make snow every day for the rest of eternity, I would.”

  1. Margaret Says:

    ICE!! I hate it so much. It sounds like it is already getting winterish there. I hope it’s not as harsh a winter as last year. Ours has been cold, but clear and beautiful. I can certainly handle the blue sky!