How ’bout blaaaaaaah?

Okay, it isn’t really all that bad. For one thing, the Weather Gods were predicting Gloom and Doom for this morning’s commute. Lake Effect Snow, they said. Most winters I would pooh-pooh that kind of prediction. We are near many many many small lakes but the Big Lake they are talking about is Lake Michigan and that is well over 100 miles away and therefore does not usually blow Lake Effect Snow over here to The Planet. Oh, there’s Lake Huron and Lake Erie but we usually don’t get lake effect from them I don’t think. But then there was the last polar vortex winter and I am not sure where all of the snow came from but I can only guess that some of it was related to Lake Effect Snow from Lake Michigan reaching all the way over here or maybe from Huron or Erie reaching back? I do not know.

Anyway, the predictions were kind of weird for today. Lake Effect Snow. Intermittent Whiteout Conditions. But less than one inch accumulation? What? Okay, that does seem possible. Reality? Not one flake that I saw. Colder than a witch’s teat though. (Since “teat” has been an answer in the NYT xword a few times lately, I’m guessing it passes the Breakfast Test.) Anyway, kee-reist. Forecast for tomorrow? Snow flurries. Or was it snow showers?

Whatever it is, I am over it. It is only November and this is January weather. I do not want to move south but Santa please buy me some winter taaarrrrs. Or maybe a new top-dolla Honda Accord because those vee-hickles rock in snow. Well, my 2001 Dogha did at any rate. Loved that vee-hickle sooooo much and drove it to work during the early years of my current career. I love my beauteous Ninja too though. Maybe we could stash it for the winter?

Good night!

2 Responses to “How ’bout blaaaaaaah?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Blech on the snow and cold. My brother has an Accord and loves it. My best snow car was my Toyota Camry with front wheel drive and manual transmission. My next vehicle will probably be a Toyota Rav4; it is the size I want and yet can haul stuff too. I will probably look the Suburu Legacy too; it’s a nice little SUV.

  2. Margaret Says:

    Oops, I meant Suburu Forester.