Not complaining…

snowsucks…even though the afternoon commute took an eon today. I dunno, 45 minutes to traverse eight miles? The good news? EVERYBODY was going slow. Of course, I took the s-l-o-w route through town. No freeway for me. No telling what kind of mayhem might happen there. If a semi rolled over or jackknifed, I could be stuck for hours. Not worth it for five miles of freeway. Better to slowly slodge my way through town. Anyway, I made it home intact and unscathed and the Ninja’s traction control light only came on a few times.

Really, it is not all that bad here, just that a wave of snow showers came through during the evening rush hour, which is also when it gets dark these days. That decreases visibility and makes the roads accumulate snow faster. I was in third gear (out of six) almost the entire way home, second on the long slodge up State to the Ellsworth roundabout. I did make it up to fourth a couple times. I love the manual tranny for snow driving but I yearn for winter taaarrrrs.

But I cannot complain (too much). Because look at the Yooperland and the Northern Lower and West Michigan and Buffalo NY. Will it ever stop? Not to raise the ire of anyone dealing with those conditions but, when we get *dumped* on with snow, it’s almost better for me in a way because it is totally okay for me to telecommute even to the point that my work ethic doesn’t even tell me “get over to work, get over to work”. This piddly-shit “1-3 inches” stuff? I feel like I would be a wimp if I didn’t drive over to my loverly dog-poopy cube even though nobody would probably care if I was there or not.

Thinking about Buffalo’s five / six feet of snow has me remembering the time that Sault Ste. Siberia got something like five feet of snow at once or possibly over a few days of neverending “snow showers”. This was a pretty long time ago, given that it was Mr. K of Multiplication Blues over at Haisley School who alerted me about it when I dropped a beach urchin off at his classrooom. The grandparents were in their hale and hearty 70s in those days and I had tried to call them fairly recently but the call wouldn’t go through but that was kind of normal since the phones in the Dillon house were always wonky. We were all busy and I didn’t really worry about it.

Anyway, the phone *was* wonky during that snowstorm, so The Commander waded through five feet of snow over to the neighbor’s house to call AT&T. She got somebody from Dee-troit who told her that some service technician had already been down Dillon Street to deal with the problem. “OH NO THEY HAVEN’T!”, boomed The Comm, knowing that NOBODY could get down Dillon Street at that point because there was something like five feet of snow on it! There was no snow down here in southeast Michigan at all.

I thought I had more to say but I guess I am done. You’re welcome!

Love all nine of you,

3 Responses to “Not complaining…”

  1. Sam Says:

    Love ya back. Signed reader number nine, or is it six? eight?

  2. Margaret Says:

    Snow-yuck! I’m hoping for none this year because even with 4 wheel drive and studless snow tires(not on the vehicle yet) I do NOT like driving in it–too many hills! Too many ditches!

  3. Margaret Says:

    I should also add: too many other crazy drivers who don’t understand to go slower in snow and ice EVEN IN 4 WHEEL DRIVE!