Thanksgiving 2014 starring… … …

… … … The New Landfill Chitchen of course (minus a wee bit of a flood this morning but that was easily remedied). I can’t remember the exact conversation I had with Certified Kitchen Lady last winter or spring or whenever but I said something like, “I just want to cook Thanksgiving dinner in a new kitchen next fall.” It was a joke and we all laughed. Our kitchen reno was on or ahead of schedule from the get-go. It was completed in three weeks and I reveled in cooking today’s turkey dinner in it, not to mention Eggs Benny for breakfast this morning! Both of Gertrude’s ovens got a workout and the GG cooked the turkey on the grill and here are the GG and Mouse after the turkey came off the grill. I do not have a pitcher of his apron but that might be okay because it isn’t exactly work or family safe. It came from a closet at the moldy old Houghton Lake cabin, probably the same one in which Jimmy C found a jacket with a vole placenta in the pocket.


I’ve posted this turkey platter before but I love it and it is the last xmas gift I received from The Commander (who enlisted the GG’s help to obtain it). She was never very happy with my taste for garish, flashy things but she had a genuine smile on her face when I opened that big box!


We always trek over to The Plum Market on Thanksgiving Day and Liz always manages to take a pitcher of me and Mouse from behind. I guess that’s as good a tradition as any, eh? Don’tcha love my purple tights? You might be able to see a flash of Mouse’s hot pink leggings.


Finally, here is the GG doing what he does when he is not slurping coffee in the nook behind the Red Puano or grilling turkey or whatever. I sometimes see a version of this image from the woods when I am walking early in the morning and he hasn’t left for work yet.


I shooed everybody out to take a walk after dinner. I needed a wee bit of space and they needed to egg some cars from the freeway bridge. Oh, not really, the GG and the Uncly Uncle once did that off a railroad bridge when they were 10 or whatever. Guess what their mistake was… They egged their dad’s car.

Gobble gobble and g’night! Love!

2 Responses to “Thanksgiving 2014 starring… … …”

  1. l4827 Says:

    A flood? We had our flood too. Though ours was yesterday. The day/long weekend was saved by a Roto Router, thanks! Did the turkey trot in the Thumb. Safely back now from in-laws/outlaws.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I love your purple tights and your turkey platter. I don’t have much in the way of cool dishes. We actually served our gravy in creamers since I discovered that I don’t have a gravy boat. Worked just fine. 🙂