Stormy K[Ch]romer

fargoLike I said a while back, everybody *loves* my black hologram-sequined bomber hat aka my Fargo hat. I think they *especially* like it after our Wake-up Michigan Winter of 2014 but that’d be a whole ‘nother story. Temp-wise, it wasn’t really cold enough for this hat today but I knew that I would feel warmer if I wore it over to The Plum this afternoon. It was pitch black by the time I left and it has been another of those sunless November days despite predictions to the contrary.

On the eve of Thanksgiving, I spotted an actual empty cashier line. This line was empty largely because the young dude at the cash register (who I have encountered before) is highly intelligent and able to use the fuzzy logic needed to do the multi-tasking required of a grocery store cashier. I’ve done a similar job. Those people are not paid anywhere near enough. Anyway. My cashier told me he loved my hat! And then he said something like, “Do you know what my friend from up north calls hats like that?” Well, first of all, “up north” caught my attention because if you are one of my nine readers, you know that I grew up in the yooperland. He went on to say that his friend calls it a Stormy Kromer hat! Uh…

I am in full support of Stormy Kromer hats. The GG owns maybe five or six of them. They are great. For him. I love them. Me? I do not want to look like Ida Fudd or whatever Elmer’s wife’s name was. I’ll stick with the Fargo look. I told him all of that and that I grew up in the yooperland and that I usually referred to my hat as a Bomber Hat. The kid agreed with me that my hat was a bomber hat and volunteered that he had lived the yooperland once too, as a kid. And that his band (because you know the Plum is just his day job, roight?) was called Stormy Kromer except that they spell Kromer like the auto industry does. Wouldn’t you know that they are playing at the Blind Pig in December. (I would spell their band’s name like they do but I don’t want them to get Google-bombed to some baggy old kayakwoman’s boring blahg.)

That was my second cool young millennial duuuuude today. The first was the young electrician who came over to do a warranty repair on one of our LED strips (he double-checked the rest of them too). He’s a bit older than the Plum Market kid and I can’t really describe our conversations but we discussed the ebola virus in a way that many folks who share whatever they encounter on facebook don’t quite understand. And then he marveled at how my finished kitchen turned out. The last time he had been here, he hadn’t seen the tile. Throughout the prodject, I didn’t particularly notice which workers came in and out. I was glad to meet this young man again. He was articulate about current events and he had the work ethic that’s required to say that his company had experienced trouble with these lights and they are modifying their procedure for installing them.

If anyone out there is complaining about the millennials, I am here to tell you that they are doing just fine despite whatever their parents have tried to shove down their throats.

All the young dudes.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    You are a definite bada*s in that hat!! I think that the young ones are way more on top of things than many of us older set. They are lots more connected to the world.