I could use a wee bit of sun right around now

pidgeonI think this was about the fourth dark day in a row. Did Mr. Golden Sun show his face for a while on Sunday? I know, it is November and this is Michigan. At least it didn’t snow. Not today.

It is pretty darn dark when I get home from work these days but today I swung into action anyway. Work stuff put away, clothes changed, feet washed (yes, really), load of laundry in, eggplant parm assembled. Then I picked away at prepping our Thanksgiving dinner. I made gravy, mashed potatoes (decadent MPs), and cranberry sauce over the weekend and they are chilling in the freezer until I release them tomorrow evening or thereabouts. Today I processed a bunch of brussel sprouts and cubed some french bread for stuffing. Thought about trying a different kind of bread this year but got lazy about research / shopping. I hit the Plum Market on my way to work this morning — what the heck, it was too cold today for anything to spoil sitting in the Ninja all day but not cold enough for anything to freeze. I will be walking over to The Plum tomorrow afternoon too. And probably on Thursday. Last Thanksgiving, The Plum tweeted something like, “Need more whine? We’re open!” We didn’t but I appreciated the sentiment.

As per usual, we are not doing any kind of big whooptie-do for Thanksgiving. I’m pretty sure that the beach urchins will be here but I haven’t actually heard from them (and no, that is NOT a hint!). I will have enough food for about twice as many people *anyway*. That’s okay because there will be leftovers for all! I’m sure that there are family parties we could crash but that would involve driving over to Megalopolis or wherever. I’m working tomorrow and Friday and I’m looking at Thanksgiving as a day of relative relaxation. I just want to be home at The Landfill. I will do my 0-skunk-30 walk and maybe I’ll even be able to drag a couple of likely suspects out for a jaunt over to Miller Woods if they aren’t crashed out on a couch somewhere. (Hey, bring walking clothes / shoes!)

P.S. I love it when one of my kids or anyone else crashes out on a couch somewhere. If they do that, I know they feel at home. I rarely nap but that’s just meeeee.

3 Responses to “I could use a wee bit of sun right around now”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I never nap because I get sick to my stomach if I do. We need some sun here too; it’s been LOTS of rain(snow in the passes) and traffic issues galore.

  2. isa Says:

    Mom and dad’s house (or sometimes at the cabin) are basically the ONLY times I nap, so there’s that.

  3. isa Says:

    P.S. Duh I’ll be there for Thanksgiving. I think I’ll drive over Thursday morning unless weather is imminent.