Tiny little bugs with stingers

homelessOkay, first of all, can I just say, “Much Ado About Nothing?” The trip Up North does not take place until NEXT weekend. I’m not sure that the GG always reads my blahg. I know that he doesn’t always *understand* my blahg when he does read it. (Do you? I don’t always and I write it.) But yesterday he did and he could not figger out why I was in such a big tizzy. I still have a decision to make but I have another week or so to make it. I loved my dear cuzzint Pooh’s suggestion of working four 10-hour days. With my job, not so much. It would take me a whole ‘nother blahg entry (or two or three or 10) to describe why. But it did give me the idea that I could maybe put a few hours into the job on, say, Sunday and take off early on Friday. That *might* do it although I kinda prefer not to travel too much in December. Better to stay home and pick away at prepping our very low-key casual-type xmas.

The title? I went to a meeting this afternoon in which us systems analysts were slated to discuss prodjects in the hopper for our next release and divvy up who would design what. We did somehow manage to do that in between discussing teensy tinesy little moe-skee-toe drones. Here’s a Snopes link on the subject to balance that other one out. You can draw your own conclusions. About all I can think about is that I’m not sure the technology is quite “there” yet but I will probably not ever look at a moe-skee-toe the same way again. I’ll still slap ’em. And believe me, I have slapped a LOT of moe-skee-toes in my life.

I do not know why searching for moe-skee-toe drones on YouTube prompted Abby and Brittany Hensel on the the sidebar. They are conjoined twins and I am not going to link to these beautiful young ladies but you can google them. I have been fascinated with conjoined twins my whole life (honestly, who isn’t?). I am so glad I don’t have to share any body parts with a conjoined twin and I am glad I don’t have to parent children who are conjoined twins. I applaud mothers who *do* parent those children and raise them into successful adulthood. It cannot be easy.

Our Northern Correspondent Paulette posted this beautiful link today. All I can say is that my own paddling technique is not smooth enough to create this kind of motion. ONCP also posted a pic of ice hummocks forming on the moominbeach already. No kayaking for a while.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I can get myself worked up about events that are quite far in the future, so I get it! Sometimes I think I just like to fuss. 🙂 Not many mosquitoes in WA unless one goes into the forest at night.