Nutso blowhards

Oh, not you. I’m talking to the radio. I didn’t listen carefully but it sounds like some nutso legislators over in Lansing are trying to let people bully and discriminate against people if their own “sincerely held” religious beliefs are being violated. That sounds scary to me. Who decides how “sincere” those beliefs are? A lot of blood has been spilled in the name of religion throughout the history of mankind and I do not think this kind of thing is what our country’s “Founding Fathers” intended.

Another issue caught my radar screen today, which is that a bill passed the house (or was it the senate?) that people with Hepatitis C would have to inform sexual partners of their status before, you know, making whoopie. I don’t think these folks have a CLUE about Hep-C. My little brother was infected with it as an infant. He was born with severe Rh-negative complications and would have died soon after birth without a blood transfusion. We didn’t know for many years that his blood was tainted. He had a pretty darn good life but he died of Hep-C at age 47. Google something like Hepatitis C transmission if you want to learn more but it is very rare for it to be transmitted via doing you know what. If you know you have Hep-C or any disease, I think it’s a good thing to tell a sexual partner but all of this seems like more attempts by various blowhards to legislate “morality”, whatever “morality” means. I went on longer than I wanted to about this but I am so annoyed. Our state’s elected leaders should be more concerned with repairing our crumbling infrastructure (and funding education would be a good thing too) than peering into people’s bedrooms. And they have no business practicing medicine.

I wasn’t angry when I started this. It was a pretty calm day. No blasted snow driving or anything and work was like it usually is even though I had to present something today. Please please please please though, we need to stop categorizing ourselves and others. Black, white, Catholic, Muslim, Methodist. We are all people and we need to learn how to put our differences aside and get along together.

I could go on and on and on but…

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I get angry because it seems like simplistic “fixes” to complex problems, so that legislators(I use that term loosely) can laud their so-called accomplishments. Yeah, I am pretty cynical. 😉