That’s what aaah said…

bunnybreadY’all remember this stuff? I seem to remember that The Commander kind of turned her nose up at it although she certainly did buy plenty of white bread and made plenty of PBJ sandwiches with that bread because, whaddya gonna do. Those kiddos have to eat *something* and *this* kiddo did *not* eat macaroni and cheese out of a blasted BOX, no siree. I’m not sure what they mean by “Soft-Twist”. To me that brings memories of getting bored at the dinner table and pulling pieces off a piece of [white] bread and kneading / twisting it into little “pills” or whatever. TMI? Yeah, prob’ly. I’m sure that’s not what “Soft-Twist” means. I’m TLTG (too lazy to google) though.

So today was our annual work holiday luncheon and we made our way over to a popular barroom in Ypsilanti. If I had thought through the issue of car-pooling, I wouldda droven the Frog Hopper to work today. As it turned out, I ended up driving the carpool. I shouldda known and it was okay. I like to drive. But four people in the Ninja. Not unheard of but I’ve been using the Ninja as a station for all the cosmic debris I’m flinging to reside until I have time to take it to the next stop on its journey. So I had to move a few bags to the trunk before the Ninja was passenger-ready. As luck would have it, it wasn’t totally passenger-ready and the Queen Bee (aka my supervisor) had an altercation with an ice scraper (one of about seven) that I didn’t bother to move to the trunk. Come to think of it, I would’ve prob’ly had to move a bunch of stuff in the Frog Hopper too because that vee-hickle is the go-to camping / hiking vee-hickle and there is stuff that seems to live there…

It was all fun. A recent re-org has dumped a bunch of long-time employees more firmly into our team and they were fun and I pointed one of them to the Ski Ranch as a possible source for snowshoe rental on the way to the Yooperland. That made me feel way cooler than I actually am.

So, we returned to Cubeland and I sucked up my courage and emailed Building Mom for a reality check on how much vacay I have left for the year. For once, my spreadsheet matched hers and I am one hour short of four days. On one hand, I am happy to be able to take a bit of time off over the holidays. On the other hand, I’m kind of wondering what I’m gonna do with *all* that time… I hope that I will use it for, lemme see: 1) time with my family 2) time with my family 3) time with my family 4) cooking stuff for my family 5) hiking with my family (in the goddamn woods if at all possible!) 6) dusting.

I didn’t include Flinging in that list. Why? Because. Today I read an article about an obsessive-compulsive de-hoarder. A mom who threw out almost everything including family members… If you didn’t read the article, her collection of silverware includes something like two forks. I am more afraid of having too many possessions than too few and I will continue to fling until the mass of “stuff” in my life is manageable. It’s getting there and I think I will know when to stop. I would never throw out a family member.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I am glad to see dusting off your list! (my most hated chore) I actually vacuumed and mopped(swiffer) and cleaned the hardwood, but skipped that,which I generally don’t do. I just couldn’t face it. Ashley will be home from the 20-30, so I’m excited to spend time with her, although she may still have lots of TA grading to do. Then I’ll head up to a coffee shop or something. Good excuse!