You guys may have had a more scenic hike but I definitely got more moiles in

“You guys” of course refers to the GG and all the North Country Trail folk and I may have gotten more miles of hiking in this weekend but I definitely did not win! They did a short hike this weekend, three miles or thereabouts, after which was the annual potluck at East Lake. Me? I averaged eight miles a day this weekend. The scenery? It was what it was, houses and shops and highrise “young professional” housing developments and the cranes to build more of those and a wee bit of woods. I cannot feature living in a high-rise apartment building. How in the heck do you schlep your grokkeries up to your apartment? What about your xmas tree? Are xmas trees even allowed in high-rise apartment buildings? What happens if somebody’s xmas tree catches fire? But also, I neeeeeeed to be able to just… walk… outside…

We bought our xmas tree today, after the GG returned home from his boondoggle Up North. We bought it at Downtown Home & Garden this year, not Whole Foods (last year). I made sure of that since Mouse & I stopped by DH&G Friday night and I promised one of the DH&G employees aka Mouse’s Roommate that we would buy our tree there this year (in full disclosure, The GG had also mentioned buying it there).

This is the first xmas tree I think I have *ever* helped select in my entire life. Lemme see… When I was a kid, we got our trees from our next door neighbor, Green Thumb McGinnis. In keeping with the size of our shabby little bungalow, we always had short bushy little trees. When I was small, they were magical *anyway* with colored glass bulb ornaments and bubble lights and garlands and tinsel thrown everywhere. Do they still sell tinsel?

The first year we were married, we were living in a second floor flat on Jackson (NOT a high-rise!) and I didn’t really want to schlep a tree into that space but the GG put one up anyway. I ended up with a gastrointestinal virus that xmas (not the first xmas bug and prob’ly not the last…)

And then we bought The Landfill. It is definitely not a big fancy house. Heck, there is only one bathroom. But the Back Room has a “cathedral ceiling”, which makes it possible to put up a relatively tall xmas tree. So, the first year we owned this place, the GG brought a great big xmas tree home. I was a bit skeptical but I will never forget the huge smile of delight on my then 2-month-old baby’s face when we turned on that tree’s lights!

Anyway, we have a beauteous tree this year. I accompanied the GG to buy it (at DH&G) but he chose it. All the trees were beautiful and there’s no way I could’ve chosen one over the other. It is outside for now. The Back Room is kind of a disaster at the moment. We’ll get there…

2 Responses to “You guys may have had a more scenic hike but I definitely got more moiles in”

  1. Margaret Says:

    What kind of tree is it? Patt always got Noble Firs but the girls preferred a bushier tree, although they are more difficult to decorate. I used to love tinsel while my Mom hated it. Now I see why, but at the time I thought it was so much fun to throw it all over the tree. 🙂

  2. Pooh Says:

    We saw bubble lights at the Xmas party we attended on Saturday. I asked our host if they were old, and mentioned your family’s bubble lights. He said they were new last year. He had an old set from his mother, but the lights up and died last year. He had an arrangement on the mantel and some on the dining room chandelier. They would have been overwhelmed on the Xmas tree.