worktreesDon’t tell anybody that I am actually starting to feel like I am making some flinging progress around here.

La La La! I didn’t say anything! Today. Well, let’s start with the second Saturday of December last year. Today was nothing like that Saturday except that I walked downtown. This year, I walked downtown twice! An early trip to the farmer’s market that I am lucky to have survived. On the way down, I was walking on the sidewalk when someone RIGHT BEHIND ME said, “excuse me”. A bicycler riding on the sidewalk even though there was a bike lane there and very little traffic! I think I jumped a mile and kind of eeked, which seemed to scare her about as much as she had scared me.

Anyway, I survived that only to FALL during my trek back up the hill to the Landfill. Huh? It was not dark or icy and I was walking on regular old sidewalk pavement. In other words, I tripped over my own feet. I’m not sure *exactly* what happened but I felt my right rubber-soled purple Keen sandal “catch” in an odd way – the antithesis of slipping on ice. All is well, although after I got home and changed clothing, I noticed that some blood had seeped through my purple tights. Yes, I managed to skin my knee. Not the first time and won’t be the last.

Saturday chores and the inevitable trip over to Ace Hardware and then I walked downtown again, this time to the Main & Liberty area*. Xmas shopping with enough success to fill my Maple Leaf Backpack. That second trip was without incident. In fact, I hiked up through Miller Woods on the way home. Then an afternoon of wrapping a paltry few packages, picking through Landfill stuff, organizing Landfill stuff and flinging Landfill stuff. Not MUCH flinging done today though, just little bits but eye-balling the next big push (a lot of my fabric). For now, Ninja has four banker’s boxes in the trunk and we will drop those off at Kiwanis whenever we manage to. Two of those boxes are filled with old binders. I remember when I used to BUY those. Jeebus.

*My two trips downtown and back today amounted to about eight miles of walking and then I walked over to the Plum Market in the late afternoon. At any rate, it was MUUUUUCH easier to get around town today than it was the second Saturday of December 2013.

One Response to “Ssshhh!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    8 miles!!You are very European; they walk so much too. When I retire, I’m going to have to walk and run, since I am in a portable and have to walk a lot, just to get to the office and the bathroom. 🙂 It sounds like you are making inroads in the flinging. Yay!!