A winter’s day-ay-ay, In a deep and dark December

ashmunbridgeIt’s the old Simon and Garfunkel tune, so sing it to that.

Clunkity-clunkity-clunkity ka-whomp. Our rocket ship has landed back on the Planet Ann Arbor after a whirlwind junket to Da Yoop. A swirl of dark and cold and ice and snow and a capella African singing and snowplow dodging and cousins almost literally bumping into each other walking in a snowstorm on a dark street in the early morning. (i.e., “Ma’am, do you know where I can get coffee at this hour in the Sault? Oh, it’s YOU!” HUG!) Purple abominable snowmen and visits from Grandma Moses and salties from Cypress and yassa poulet and loud crazy green aminals and gin margaritas and rock samples and bacon runs and did I mention dark and cold and ice and snow? And constant scrambling to keep track of keys and gloves and hats and phone chargers and YAG bags and debit cards and various and sundry computers and other pieces of lucky-shuckial crap. And I did mention snow and cold and ice and dark, roight? I imagine The Commander is feeling as if she’s been hit by a tornado. And Mouse? Lemme see. Mouse came home from the first third of her senior year in college at 6 PM on December 3rd, left the house approximately 12 hours later to fly to San Francisco, landed back on The Planet at 8:30 or thereabouts on December 11th, and got dragged out of bed at 6:30 the next morning to participate in our little rocket trip to Da Yoop.

Since I have *zero* xmas shopping done yet and have no idea about what *I* want for xmas, the next 10 days or whatever it is are gonna be a drag race. Emphasize the word drag because I *will* be dragging. Click here or on the pic for a few snow and cold and dark and ice pics [grainy iPhone pics] from a rugged little city on the Canadian border at the eastern end of Lake Superior, up in the Land of the Ice and Snow.

4 Responses to “A winter’s day-ay-ay, In a deep and dark December”

  1. gg Says:

    pic 5 of 6 is a pic foreign country.

  2. Pooh Says:

    I especially like the shot of the International Bridge!

  3. Dog Mom Says:

    That house in #3 of 6 looks so nice… love the architectural design! You’ll have to show me where it is (bet I’ve been by it, just cannot place it).

  4. Paulette Says:

    Good morning! All of the schools are closed (and the Mackinac bridge) today because of “snow, and cold, and ice, and dark.” Did I mention the 45 mph winds, the plunging temps, and the lake effect snow? It is beautiful as the snowflakes come down in random patterns. The old white pines on the beach are a great backdrop to the horizontal snow coming off Gitchee Gumee. Thanks for the pics. They make me look at the Sault quite differently as I slide into LSSU.