Sunset Solstice Hike

I tried to coerce the GG into taking a ride out to the Geology Center to hike the Hickory Hills segment of that trail. I failed. It’s okay. I really didn’t try all that hard. He was dragging a bit, a combo of things like feeling on the edge of a cold virus, being out late last night, and the winter solstice. He took a nap and I got after some picky little kitchen issues I’ve been kind of shoving under the rug since forever. For one thing I moved my baking dishes into the drawer shown below. I had been storing them in a cupboard above the stove — like I *used to do* — but I was getting annoyed about always having to climb up on a stool to get them down safely. I don’t think of myself as short but it’s a bit of a reach for me to pull multiple glass, etc., baking dishes down from above the stove. And the drawer is DIRECTLY across the aisle from the dishwasher, right below the drawer I store my china in. It will be even easier to unload the dishwasher now! No brainer, roight?


Some of you might be thinking something like, “That isn’t a whole lot of baking dishes…” I use each and every one of these dishes on a regular basis. I do own some other baking dishes and they are currently stashed in the back of the cavernous cupboard on top of the refrigerator. I don’t miss any of them and, any of them that I haven’t used by 2016 will be flung if no one else wants them. That is not a threat, just reality. Most of us have toooooo much stuff. You’ve heard me rant about this before, roight? [insert ghostie emoticon here].

Anyway, Hickory Hills didn’t quite work out today but we did get some good stuff done today. Like we rearranged the beach urchins’ guest bedroom. I kind of hope that Jay doesn’t see this because this bedroom has been used as a staging area for sorting out Stuff and Jay had the misfortune to have to sleep in that bedroom last summer when it was at one of its more cluttered phases. I de-cluttered it before Turkey Day. Today, I instigated a small re-org. I wanted to move the bed over to the wall that is NOT NEXT TO THE BLUE AND ONLY BATHROOM. So people who stay here overnight cannot here hear the terlet flush, etc. TMI? We discussed doing this and then I walked to the Plum Market and when I came back, the GG was in that room and I couldn’t even get in the door to help (I don’t think he wanted my help, hee hee) and this is what it looks like now. Not sure that my aunt Roberta would’ve liked her painting to be hung on a purple wall butcha never know. She wasn’t exactly your average everyday person.


The GG was not a total slug today and he was really in tune with taking a sunset walk down by Barton Dam and so we went. I do not know why we always stop to watch trains when we hear their whistles blow but we do and we were surprised when it was a freight train instead of the usual Amtrak.


And then there was this cute little bird nest with snow in it.


The sun had not gone down when I took this photo but in the next 20 minutes that we bushwhacked the “old” trail right next to the river, it did and the drive home was pretty much pitch black. Actually, I think the last time anyone on The Planet Ann Arbor has seen the sun is last Monday afternoon. I love both solstices and all of the seasons in between.

2 Responses to “Sunset Solstice Hike”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I too love seasons and your guest bedroom looks wonderful. Mine is much more cluttered than that!

  2. jay Says:

    I was very comfortable in the room, even cluttered. And Jane was probably driving us close to Barton dam about the time you were walking, on our way back from Dexter.