You’re just buying it for Kiwanis

sunI am grateful that the GG has bought into my journey to de-hoard The Landfill. He organizes occasional Saturday trips to the dump (to the dump to the dump dump dump). I get sooooo excited about those trips! Let’s fling that old printer and that strawberry iMac. And the crib… And there are all of the trips we have been making to the Kiwanis Club drop-off center on Washington, just east of the Drop Acid Not Bombz railroad bridge.

BTW, the “dump” is not exactly the same thing as the dump we all remember when we were kids. I remember going to the Brimley Dump more than a few times. That’s where you went when you wanted to see bears and I had a childhood friend whose parents would drive there to look at bears but I don’t remember my family ever doing that.

What I do remember is the time that I went with The Commander on a trip to the dump. I don’t remember what we were dropping off but The Comm was driving the old green Pinto wagon and somehow, we ended up on top of the Spectacle Lake Overlook instead of the dump on that trip. She certainly knew where the damn dump was and I think we were having enough fun that she missed the turn. We gnoffed about that trip for many many many years. And I ended up owning that crappy old Green Pinto for a couple years until it pretty much rusted into the ground and the ‘rents actually BOUGHT me a NEW vee-hickle. But that would be a whole ‘nother story.

So, the GG and I made our usual trip over to Ace Hardware on Saturday. It’s hard for me to go to Ace Hardware and not buy something because I am overwhelmed by all of the cool, beautiful household goods. So I was looking at various items and pointing a few of them out to the GG and that’s when he said something like, “Okay, buy it for Kiwanis!”. Yes. I will forever think about that when I think I might want to buy something. Is this something I need or is it just a cool / cute thing that I like? And yet, I will still buy things. Because, even if you are flinging, you still need things.

Life is hard and then you die. Good night,

One Response to “You’re just buying it for Kiwanis”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I still buy stuff I want too. Right now I’m thinking that I need another pair of scissors. Ashley is using mine to make cards and I don’t think I have another pair to cut Christmas paper. Maybe I have plenty of gift bags? 😉