Polar Vortex

hohohoThe last time xmas occurred on a Thursday, I scheduled Tuesday and Wednesday as vacation days. Lizard Breath flew in from SanFran on Monday night and we cooked a turkey. The idea was to make a non-Thanksgiving and that was all good but I started vomiting in the wee hours of Tuesday. By 8:00 AM, I was no longer hanging out with the Blue and Only Terlet. I had exchanged that activity for lying on the Green Couch watching all the dogz go by sucking on ice chips. I got over that virus pretty fast but I was slodgy enough on Wednesday that I took *both* days as sick days. (It wasn’t food poisoning, Mouse had passed a gastrointestinal virus along. Sh*t happens.)

Here we are with xmas on a Thursday and *again* I scheduled vacay for Tuesday and Wednesday. Totally different experience this time. For one thing, LB now lives in Detroit so there was no airplane to meet. And I was *far* from ill today. As I said (more or less) on facebook, I did a LOT of walking, some shopping, a wee bit of wrapping, a teensy tinesy bit of baking, some cooking, a few chores, and I even flung an itsy bitsy number of things even though I have instituted a moratorium on flinging until after xmas. Oh, and my beloved Ninja threw the g*dd*mn check engine light at me today but I didn’t panic. The GG thinks it’s a gas cap issue. I bet it’s an O2 sensor. Somebody bet on the bay.

I did have a little bit of trouble with the concept of Vacation at Home, Here on The Planet Ann Arbor. In the early hours, I had to talk myself down off a few ledges. Like, no you do not need to make a lunch and, more importantly, it doesn’t matter that you left a few files checked out in the version control application because all of the other BAs are out until the new year and they are the only people who use those files.

By the way, the temperatures are in the 50s today. A far cry from whatever we had last year but not unusual at all. One of my fave xmas eve memories was walking thru the neighborhood to look at the lights with Lizard Breath pushing Mouse in a stroller. Five and 2-1/2 maybe? Tomorrow’s predictions are for warm weather and maybe even thunderstorms. It’ll get colder after that and, although we will surely get the cold and snow of a southeast Great Lake State winter, I doubt that this will be a Polar Vortex kind of winter. But we’ll see…

3 Responses to “Polar Vortex

  1. jay Says:

    Liz gave us a wonderful early gift. Nice children with warm hearts

  2. Margaret Says:

    It sounds like it’s going to be a warm and wonderful Christmas! Decent weather and kids nearby make it much easier and more fun.

  3. kayak woman Says:

    The Fin Fam does make good kids. I can’t take any credit for mine though 🙂