I can see Russia my xmas tree from my chitchen window

There are many perks involved in renovating one’s ancient 1970s (probably) chitchen. This particular perk did not show up on my radar screen until last Friday when the GG put up our xmas tree. Say what? Well. The deal is that I can SEE THE TREE FROM MY CHICHEN! I do not have to snake my head around to look through the “old” “window”. I love hanging out in my chichen and I love having a xmas tree but every year, by the time we take the tree to the recycling drop-off, I am a little sad that I didn’t spend more time with it. I guess we could put it *in* the chichen? No. Not a good idea. No matter. Now I just have to “look out the window”.


So, a couple weeks ago, pre-xmas tree, the GG was Up North hiking with our North Country Trail buddies. He texted me something like, “Don’t touch anything in the area by the Reading Chair” and “I’ll reorganize the Back Room when I get back”. Okay… And he did — last Friday while I was at work. I wasn’t enthused about the New-New location of the Red Puano at first but I am getting used to it. That said, I wasn’t crazy about the New (post-reno) location of the Red Puano either. But I had gotten used to it. That’s all a terribly long, complicated story but the Red Puano (and the tree) have been positioned in a way that makes a cute little Xmas Nook where the GG can read, drink coffee or a wee little snort, nod off, whatever. (Hmmm, embiggen to see a list of computer fonts taped to the Red Puano. That’s been there since the 1990s…)


As you can see, the backside of the Red Puano creates a rather narrow entrance to the Back Room. I was particularly not crazy about this aspect of the arrangement but since it provides a place for a few ornaments (including Elf on a Shelf (you can’t see him)) to reside, I am even getting used to that. I think we need to remove a couple vacuum cleaners and my Purple Compost-Schlepping Crocs. ‘hicken can stay there. He is a good Xmas Aminal when he is not in service as a Garden Sentinel.


Today? Hiked down to the farmer’s market at 0-skunk-30, then over to meet up with my coffee buddies at Barry’s at 8:00 AM, then the Plum Market on the way home. My coffee buddies are Jewish and always provide a bit of respite from the xmas craziness although it’s less crazy in this secular household these days. Lots of pre-cooking for tomorrow. The GG is handling dinner for tonight — slow-cooking beef short ribs on the gas grill. Another trip to the Plum with Liz (in the rain) for snacky stuff and whatever. No desserts this year. We have a box of shortbread cookies from Sister Pie (not your grandmother’s shortbread although that was good too!) and Mouse is bringing a carefully curated selection of chocolates from Kilwin’s. Rained cats and dogs later in the afternoon. I loved it! White Xmas? I don’t care!

Good night,
Kayak Woman

One Response to “I can see Russia my xmas tree from my chitchen window”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Your tree is big and beautiful, so I’m glad you can see it. My little one is tucked in the living room, but I can see it from certain areas of the house. Sounds like you are having a great Xmas so far. We don’t have rain right now, but I noticed while walking across to the neighbor’s that our shared lawn has a TON of moss in it again. GRRRR.