We’re having frog butt for xmas dinner, how ’bout you?

We’ll get to frog butt but we’ll start with breakfast. Eggs Benny in the works here. Photo by Liz.


I almost forgot about the mimosas until my first cuzzint once removed posted a photoooo of Eggs Benny and mimosas on facebook. Thanks for reminding me, buddy! Breakfast first, then gifts. I do not need anything (I am flinging, remember?) and fortunately people took me at my word and didn’t buy me a whole bunch of stuff. What I got was all very cool and it included this surprise gift from Chloe Belle. Pretty cool, eh?


Afternoon is not my best time of day *ever* and xmas day kind of drags on for me so I always like to get out for a bit of a hike or something. Sometimes it feels a bit like pushing ropes to get others to go *with* me. I think they *like* the idea but the Back Room is soooo comfortable (albeit messy!) that it’s hard to motivate. This year, it was Lizard who brought up the idea and so here we are over in Miller Woods. We got a wee bit over two miles in. It was just the ticket! Kept KW sane for the slodgy part of the afternoon.


What is Mouse photographing? Herbert the Crocodile, of course! (Not sure what the GG is photographing).


Lizard took the next pitcher. She instagrammed it and @annarbornews “liked” it. (They don’t follow each other.)


Frog Butt for dinner!


Oh, not really. Duck Dinner! Courtesy of Harnois Meats, this duck was running around about 10 days ago. Check out all the GG’s new thermometers. I haven’t been able to find my old fashioned glass meat thermometer since the reno. Now he has an assortment of high and low tech thermometers to choose from. I got the two glass ones on eBay. I can’t find them in the stores nowadays, not that I spent a whole lot of time searching. He got some other fun toys too but we don’t have meteorites here [wink].


One Response to “We’re having frog butt for xmas dinner, how ’bout you?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I am fine Xmas eve, but depressed on Christmas Day, so it’s an emotional day for me. I think it’s because that was when Patt’s family celebrated and now we don’t see them at all. So, it’s tough.