Ooooooffff (and a shower)

ratfinkNot sure I can be anything close to coherent tonight. I am sooooo taaaarrred. Kind of a slodgy day altogether. It isn’t that I didn’t get anything done because I did get caught up on most of the post xmas day cleaning and laundry, not that there was really all that much, given that we had a relatively minimal xmas.

There were a lot of tentative plans tossed about for the day: hike the Geology Center Hickory Hills loop, walk down to Treasure Mart, etc. An “adult” was needed down at Lizard’s work today so she took off this morning after a quick little Daddy Breakfast. Many thanks to the GG because I got one too — one egg, scrambled, one half an English muffin toasted and buttered with butter fresh from my new Le Creuset butter crock.

Most of the hiking plans got scuttled but eventually Mouse and I walked over to the Plum Market where we wandered around in a daze like everyone else over there. We were particularly intrigued by an elderly couple who didn’t seem to have a clue about how to move through space without blocking others from proceeding down the aisle. The woman was wearing a purple wool coat and the man had on black and pink striped pants. The Ann Arbor Plum Market equivalent of People of Woldemort minus buttcrack with or without toilet paper. I think Mouse was a wee bit annoyed by them but I couldn’t quiiite get there. I was remembering the xmas of 2010 when we had The Commander down here. I took her over to the Plum Market and she was so excited by the place that she kept stopping right in the middle of the aisle, occasionally raising her cudgel above her head to point things out. Yiiiy! Moom, watch out! I did my best to mitigate these situations. Most people were polite and friendly and I could sense sympatico. Been there, done that!

Anyway, we did the usual Friday hike down for dinner at the Oscar Tango and all was well. I won’t say toooo much about why I needed a shower when I got home. Just that I got a little freaked out about some headlights coming down the hill near my UrbanP spot. I’m sure they couldn’t see ANYTHING but… Oh well, it was just urbanP and that’s what showers are for and those clothes are in the laundry now.

Hope that wasn’t too incoherent. Last night, the Beach Urchins turned us on to episodes of an old TV show called Firefly and, if I don’t fall asleep, we’re gonna try to watch one or more tonight. I *loved* them, even though I believe that they contributed to some unsettling dreams. We’ll see…

P. S. The skies were not cloudy all day. Took the edge off the boxing day coma!

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  1. Pooh Says:

    We loved Firefly when it was on. The episode where Jayne receives a hat from his mother has cult status among knitters. (ask Mouse, or check Ravelry). I made two Jayne’s hats last year, in authentic colors for Dan and a biking friend of mine, and two this year for Dave’s roommates in Chicago Bears/Blackhawks colors. Mark will get the next one, (authentic colors), and a friend of his at work will get one in Buffalo Bills colors.

    “You see a man walking down the street in a hat like that, you know he’s a bada**!