Lookin’ like Silence of the Lambs

dungeon1Boxing Day Coma begone! The GG took off to some sort of high school mini-reunion somewhere over in Megalopolis after I did all of my regular Saturday chores. We dropped off a Ninja trunk full of stuff at Kiwanis this morning so of course I was searching for the next trunkload.

I started filling a banker’s box with Good Stuff (for somebody else) and I took a break to check up on the internet and there was Lizard Breath tweeting “New year’s white tornado (@kayakwoman).” The timing of the tweet turned out to be random but you might also call it prescient because boy oh boy did I get on a roll this afternoon!

Not that I flung all that much. The banker’s box collected a few more things. In casting about for what to fling next, I wandered into the dungeon utility room. The room with the furnace, water heater, washing musheen, and dryer in one quarter of the room and a whole bunch of junk in the rest of the room. Dun dun dun! I approached The Closet!

What was in the closet? Not really a whole lot other than spider webs and rodent droppings. This closet is really not a good place to store things and I can’t remember exactly when the last time I took everything out of it and cleaned it was but it was not that many years ago because I didn’t put a whole lot of stuff back into it.

dungeon2Today I took everything out of it and cleaned it (the closet and a lot of the stuff). There were two boxes of cheap stemmed wine glasses that I put in the Ninja’s trunk. Hey, I do not need 20 of them! But not the Orrefors that my eccentric hoarder-ish aunt Roberta got on sale somewhere (and never used) and (eventually) gave to me. If you have noticed the hobby horse down in the box in the lower right, she stays too. A Cfam Heirloom who, like Puff the Magic Dragon, needs to find a new child to love her. Er, my children *still* love her but they don’t play with her any more. I wish I could easily find the photos of Horsey tethered in Mouse’s bedroom.

By the way, I am flattered that someone on this earth called me the White Tornado on Twitter but I cannot legitimately claim that title. It rightfully belongs to my [late] aunt Katie, a super organized doctor’s wife and mother of four (of my cousins) plus a couple of exchange students along the way. She was LEGENDARY at housekeeping — among many other things. I remember once when a big contingent of the FinFam went out skiing in Jackson Hole (or somewhere) and they stayed in a rented condo or whatever and everyone said that the broiler pan in that condo had probably never been as clean as it was after the White Tornado was finished with it. Not to mention that I stayed with Katie / Don and my cousins for a week when my brother was born and The Commander reminded me for the rest of my life how Katie had cleaned behind my ears…

My cleaning efforts do not hold a candle to the real White Tornado and I tip my black sequined bomber hat to her. She was certainly an influence on me as far as cleaning (and raising children!) but I will tell you that she never had a basement that could evoke scenes from the Silence of the Lambs as well as mine does!

P.S. Lewis the Cat died today. He was the Downtown Home & Garden Cat. He was very old and it was his time. Still, we paid our respects to him just a couple weeks ago when he was still alive. And now he’s not. Life…

2 Responses to “Lookin’ like Silence of the Lambs”

  1. Tonya Says:

    My mother was a White Tornado. (Times a hundred thousand…) I did not 100% inherit that gene, but I DO appreciate the momentary after-effects of diligently cleaning. (Just wish those after-effects lasted longer).

  2. Margaret Says:

    I can be a White Tornado, but there are certain closets or many areas in the garage that I just can’t make myself tackle. (or the girls’ bedrooms/storage areas)