Tucking in with Chloe Belle in Gaylord

I slept well in our lockside room at the Ojibway Hotel this weekend. We were offered an upgrade suite for $10. We could easily afford that but we didn’t really need a jacuzzi or a separate living room. When we stay at the Ojibway, we spend most of our time doing other things. But we do love the Ojibway and their clean but kind of funky rooms. (And there is only one ice musheen in the entire place.) Here’s a view of the slanted walls and windows we usually have when we stay there. They were a little weird at first but I’ve gotten used to them and this time, I loved waking up in the middle of the night to hear freighters lock up or down. And then go back to sleep.


I woke up any number of times during last night (and went comfortably back to sleep). I walked this morning. It didn’t snow all night or during the morning. I was tasked with checking on who was at Frank’s! There were a very few regular-looking guys there but not the Grinchie (or Ruby, for that matter). By the time we got on the road, it was snowing. Not my fave driving weather at all. Not as bad as we expected but could’ve been better, so here we are going down over the Big Mac under a Weak Sun. I don’t usually post photooos going south…


Not too many miles below the bridge, Mr. Golden Sun came out and blinded us for maybe 30 seconds or so.


Not sure about the weather throughout the Great Lake State this weekend. We don’t necessarily have accurate predictions. We could’ve driven down to Houghton Lake or even home but decided to stop at Gaylord for an overnight. We love spending time with Chloe Belle and her “parents” and it’s been too long.


The Twinz of Terror and I put together the jigsaw puzzle of the photo that I randomly took back in November when we hiked the NCT over near Traverse City. The red lamp was Grandma Sally’s puzzle lamp. She loved that lamp, as well as the color red.


Here are the Twinz of Terror at the top of the old ski hill. The GG and I did not pack our skis this weekend so we hiked up there today.


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  1. Margaret Says:

    You had a photo made into a jigsaw puzzle? How? It sounds awesome. It looks cold there; I’m ready for summer.