Good weekend but glad to be home

Last Tuesday when we assessed the weather forecast for going north, it didn’t seem as though there would be a whole lot going on. If we’d had a clue, we may have bagged it. I’m still glad we went. Just seeing the looks on the Piedy gals’ faces as we pulled into St. Joe’s parking lot at the same time they did was worth it! I don’t think they expected any Fins other than Jeep and Pan [who live up there on the beach] to show up (and they are beloved too!). “Did you drive up here for this?” “Of course we did. We certainly wouldn’t drive all the way up here in the middle of the winter just to drop off laundry and use Harry’s Outhouse!” [grin]

Well, plus, it gave us a good excuse to hang out with the Uncly Uncle and The Beautiful Gay and Chloe Belle last night, even though I spent a good amount of time this morning fishing Chloe Belle’s ball orb out from under whatever piece of furniture I was near. Attention seeking behavior? She’s a *dog*, whaddya expect?

We lingered for a longer while than I wanted to this morning. Do not get me wrong. I didn’t want to leave. I wanted to stay another day. Alas. I have to work tomorrow (and I feel a need to show my face at Cubeland — actually, I kind of miss Cubeland!). And so do the UU, the GG, and TBG. But I didn’t want to leave. I didn’t want to get on the goddamn I75 SUV Speedway. It’s bad enough when the pavement is dry. It was not today. This is when we first merged onto I75 today. Do NOT let Mr. Golden Sun fool you. A few miles after this, we were in an area of frequent whiteouts and every brake light in the universe lit up. A car had spun into the median and hit a tree. By the time we got there, the car was up on a big tow truck. (Sloooowww down folks — it might look like dry pavement but it is almost certainly not.)


Eventually, after a stop at the Ski Ranch, and a few more miles of crud (and another vee-hickle or two off the road), the freeway improved somewhat and, in the next photo, The GG is using one of his xmas gifts to try to attract meteorites.


I do not know whether or not any meteorites entered the atmosphere today. If they did, it is unlikely that the GG’s xmas gift would have caught it because it was frickin’ dark everywhere today, snow or ice or whatever.

We exited onto our own Maple Road just as snow / ice / whatever was starting up on The Planet Ann Arbor. We unpacked as quickly as possible and then we trekked together through snow over to the Plum Market to buy stuff for dinner and a few snacks. We’ve been doing a sunset “hike” down by the Huron River for quite a few weeks now. The GG kind of wanted to do that tonight. I was ecstatic! So did I! And so we did and the photo below is along our short drive down to the trailhead parking lot.


Huron River Drive is a “scenic drive”. The speed limit is 35 and we adhere to it. We walked what has become our habitual Sunday Sunset Walk. The sun set today at 5:16 and that was just about the time we returned to the Frog Hopper to drive the mile or two home. As we were heading home, it seemed like the snow turned to freezing rain and we thought we saw a car a bit off the M14 exit ramp. Please be careful folks.

3 Responses to “Good weekend but glad to be home”

  1. Paulette Attie Says:

    Just because….

  2. Margaret Says:

    I hate driving in those kinds of conditions or even being a passenger. I know that it was important for you to get up there and that you’re glad you did, but I understand why home feels so secure right now. 🙂

  3. jane Says:

    yesterday I drove to Toledo to pick up Rey at around 6 am. it rained, but didn’t snow on the way. we stopped for breakfast back in A2 and when I was leaving the restaurant I completely wiped out on ice after stepping off the curb. slow safe drive to Bugs and Horsey’s to drop off Rey — he had a hard time getting up the iced driveway with his suitcase in tow. I went home for an ice pack. then in the afternoon drove out to the airport to pick up 2 other traveling friends and that was certainly a slow drive there and back – 60ish most of the time. The highway was better than the regular streets in town. then out again for ‘Dinner and Downton’ at a friends house – then finally back home and to bed. This morning I can tell that my old(ish) body whacked the pavement HARD. much more soreness today.

    glad your trip was safe!!