I am a bear

bearI follow a couple of bares bears on Twitter (and a cougar). The Dexter Bare Bear hasn’t tweeted in a looooonnnng time. Was he bored? The other bare bear I follow is @A_single_bear. I love this bear’s posts. “A frog slept on me?” Yes.

I felt a bit like the bear in the photooo this morning. It was cold enough this morning that I had to suit up pretty big-time to do my 0-skunk-30 walk. Balaclava, polartech jacket *underneath* my ski jacket. Boots with YakTrax. Double layer of glubs. Long wool skirt. But I did do my walk. I was plenty warm and the moon was gorgeous.

When I got back from my walk, I shoveled a wee bit of snow off the sidewalk and scattered some salt down. In the driveway, the GG was getting ready to saddle up the Ninja and take it over to Honda (at 7:30 AM) so they could figger out why the Check Engine light was on. He tried to faarrr it up and… Nothing happened. When we returned from the yooperland, etc., yesterday, there was no problem starting the Ninja. So he jump started it. And that was fine and then, as he was driving over to the Honda dealer, the check engine light went out.

I dunno. It seems like I will be driving the Frog Hopper at least for the next few days. That’s okay with me.

One Response to “I am a bear”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Cars are SO annoying! I would have thought a Honda wouldn’t be so problematic. Warmish and rainy here. A different set of issues, like flooding.