Go somewhere else. To watch paint dry, that is.

Do we have wifi? Yes. Well, sorta. The GG’s big-ass iMac is connected. Everything else looks like it’s connected but nothing else goes anywhere. So I’m taking a break. All I had today was paint-drying stuff. Snow, cold, working, walking to the Plum, wah wah wah. You’re welcome.

But I am annoyed because I was emailing with an old boyfriend last night and now I can’t reply to his latest message because what I wanna write is too long for typing on the iPhone.

Where the heck is Kaylee when you need her? (Yes, I know I’m operating computers, not spaceships.)

Internet back on. Sorta. But not without a lotta craptastic finagling and calling Com-suck via the GG. Hope we stay online but not particularly optimistic. Why is this stuff so hard?

2 Responses to “Go somewhere else. To watch paint dry, that is.”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Man, I can barely type a text on my new iPhone, much less a post. I am terrible on the virtual keyboard. I do love my old desktop.

  2. isa Says:

    Internet was going really slow over here last night!