Oh good, apparently I didn’t use this pitcher yet. Whew!

sunsetBecause now I have a semi-interesting photoooo to post even though I am scraping the bottom of the barrel in terms of content. New content? New content? Say what?

I re-met a high school classmate last weekend. I didn’t know her very well back then. For one thing, she came over from the Catholic high school when they closed it. For another thing (or two or ten), my journey through the teen years was not the smoothest and I was *not* one of the popular kids. Ever! And yet, I re-met this person (actually we have crossed paths on facebook) and she is so wonderful! “I remember your mom! I *loved* her child-care class at the high school.” She’s thinking of retiring somewhere else, like Troll-land. “You live in Ann Arbor? How do you like it?” Folks, you know I love this planet. “I’m a staunch Democrat, would I fit in there?” Ooooooh yes!

Why was I so angsty as a teenager, not to mention focused on having a boyfriend? In that vein, fortunately, I was pretty dern picky about boyfriends. I can’t even except Bad BF from that statement even though he broke my heart. For now, you will get dribs and drabs of my teenage life. You might get more of it when I am sitting around in Freighter View assisted living someday (hopefully Bad BF won’t be there too because at this point, that would be really really weird) but that eventuality will be a long time from now and it probably won’t be Freighter View because I am only a semi-Yooper these days.

The GG [quite a few years back]: Wanna move to the UP?
KW: Seeya

There’s not much to blahg about most days but I try because I kind of like to try to do a little bit of non-work-related writing every day, no matter how inane it is. I used to make sure I blahgged every day because The Commander always read my blahg and would call me if I didn’t. One of my beach urchins is also a daily reader and can be johnny-on-the-spot if I don’t post and don’t say something about it somewhere like facebook (she may read your blahg too if you have one [wink]). It’s okay, she’s just a quick green lizard who likes to read and cares about her moom & moom’s friends. And who still talks just about as fast as she did when she was 10! OMG, I could not keep up! And I was only 40 then! I love her *anyway*! I’m guilty of that fast-talking thing too. It wasn’t until The Comm had trouble processing language that I learned to slow my speech down. It was a challenge…

Anyway, this photo was actually a couple weeks ago and I think it was something like 5:45 and I was amazed at the beautiful sunset. That day the sun set at something like 5:05 (???). Today? 5:19 PM. I saw a beautiful sunset over the A-Squared airport on my way home today and it was 6:00 PM or after that I could see a sunset like the one in the photooo. We have a lot of crappy winter driving ahead of us but we are on the upswing. Cheers!!!

3 Responses to “Oh good, apparently I didn’t use this pitcher yet. Whew!”

  1. Sam Says:

    Regarding the last, or almost the last…yes, the days are getting longer!!! (I swear I can tell!)

  2. Margaret Says:

    I wasn’t so angsty but did want a boyfriend. Finally, my frustrated mom asked me, “Well, WHO would you like as a boyfriend?” And I responded with(something like), “EWW, the boys in my school are all so gross and immature.” Reality check, thanks Mom! We have also had some beautiful sunsets and sunrises lately.

  3. isa Says:

    I still talk too fast?