Zippy the Pinhead’s Tips for Surviving Winter in the Great White North #1

selfieThe Zippy Effect isn’t all that evident in this photo but trust me, that’s pretty much who I look like in this thing. Good thing it’s usually dark when I wear it, although I did take a little hike over to @PlumMarket yesterday afternoon. Hopefully I didn’t scare anyone too much. I think I’d rather look like Zippy the Pinhead than Darth Vader though. Take a look at some of these balaclavas.

Anyway, this is number one out of hmmmm, three or four posts, on how to survive The Polar Vortex winter in the Great Lake State. First of all, it is bitterly cold this week (after a very warm and frequently sunny December) but. We are getting snow but not tons (yet). In other words, this is NOT like LAST WINTER. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t challenges. My Mouse didn’t exactly dress for the [bitterly cold] weather *going* to work today but she definitely dressed up for it going home

She does know how to dress for “weather” (despite some interesting events during her childhood) and this post isn’t meant to call out any shortcomings. I mean, look at what she improvised!

I’m more irritated about the crap guidelines that various “authorities” post. There were a lot of posts about frostbite and how to avoid it. Nobody wants to get frostbite but mostly we don’t get it if we are going about our normal routines and taking short-ish walks to get to work. I used to walk a half mile to school in Sault Ste. Siberia and despite some very low temperatures (like 25 below zero, but no windchill) and inadequate clothing, I never got frostbite. I wasn’t out there long enough and I was MOVING FAST!

I didn’t exactly dress for the weather going to work today but I was warm enough (keeping my fingers crossed that I didn’t land in a ditch along the way) and I was definitely dressed well for my 0-skunk-30 walk this morning. I was warm and I howled at the moon and was it Venus hanging out by the moon? I dunno but Oh Venus.

I was *layered*. I am the Queen of Layers. Actually, Our Northern Correspondent may trump me on that but I am pretty good. So layer. Me? Tights under leggings with a long wool skirt over both of those. Ski jacket over polartech jacket over turtleneck sweater. Doubled pairs of cheap little KMart/Walmart/Meijer glubs. Balaclava. Smartwool socks over the aforementioned tights inside LL Bean winter tennies with YakTrax.

Sigh. I am Home Alone this weekend. The GG is going hiking with the NCT folks this weekend. Our xmas tree is still up. I kind of wanted to get it down the weekend after New Year’s but we weren’t here. Will we actually keep it up until my blasted birthday? That would be a first. I think I will do my best to take it down. It’s time…

5 Responses to “Zippy the Pinhead’s Tips for Surviving Winter in the Great White North #1”

  1. Paulette Attie Says:

    Layers of smartwool are my friends, dear KW. From underwear to sweaters, socks, glubs, and hats, it is smart wool all of the way in these frigid temperatures. Oh January, I feel your sting only on my nose.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I just sent Alison some smart wool socks in Korea(very cold there!); what exactly is smart wool? 🙂 I hope she gets her care package soon. I am a 2 layer person, but that’s for not-so-extreme temps. Right now it’s about 40 and feels super cold. LOL

  3. jane Says:

    Hey KW – I would be happy to come over this weekend (or this evening (Friday)) to help you take down your tree. I was supposed to help Harry with the garland and ornaments on 3 Kings Day, but was busy with work stuff. And then yesterday morning, when it was negative degrees + wind chill he decided to skip the walk to the rec center to swim and did the xmas decorations instead. and apparently got tons of exercise vacuuming up dry cedar bits…..

    anyway, I’d be happy to help you with your tree. we could drink whine!!! 😉

  4. Pooh Says:

    Jane, our tree is still up also. Want to come to STL when you’re done at KW’s? Lots of cute ornaments with pix of your nephews and niece, courtesy of Good Ol’ Doris!

  5. jane Says:

    thanks Pooh – I’m good with just the one tree. 😉 Banana – I don’t want to tell you how to live your life, but based on a massive pile-up on 23 (south of us) and 94 (way west of us), I think you should take side streets home.