Pay it forward

annarborDesignated driver today, that was me, driving a couple of co-workers to a company-sponsored luncheon at a bar down in Saline. I would’ve loved a nice glass of cab but I stuck to water. Nobody else imbibed either that I could figger but there were 30 of us, so who knows. Fun anyway.

On the way there? A break-through in de-hoarding! I have no idea how we got onto the subject but I was talking about majorly culling my fabric stash. I’ve mentioned that on here before. I made some pretty good progress a while back by RUTHLESSLY picking out fabric to fling. I had something like five bankers boxes filled up. And then I stalled a bit. Partly it was the holiday season but partly I needed to find the right place to donate this stuff. It is high quality cotton quilt fabric and I was reluctant to drop it off at the PTO Thrift, even though they take fabric. It’s also a *lot* of fabric and may be overwhelming.

The Queen Bee said something like, “Wait a minute! Is this quilt fabric?” Yes, it is. She and a group of women meet monthly to make quilts for cancer patients. They rely on donated fabric. This is a perfect match for me and my fabric. I know the woman who runs this project because, until a few years ago, she worked for my company. I can take fabric to work and hand it off to the QB. And it is for a good cause.

A good cause. When The Commander officially signed up for hospice care, she received a handmade quilt. The Commander didn’t really need a quilt. She didn’t need anything. She had everything she needed on earth. Nevertheless, it is a beautiful quilt and we so appreciated that someone had made it with the intention of providing comfort to someone who was dying. When The Comm retired from her teaching career many years ago, she volunteered for the local hospice, mostly visiting people who were dying. I am at a bit of a loss here because when The Comm was *in* hospice care, I’m not sure if I remembered that or not. I was basically overwhelmed at that time. One foot in front of the other.

I can’t (at this time) set aside one Saturday a month to donate my sewing skills to make quilts. We are often out of town and when we are in town, I am doing chores and flinging, etc. But maybe giving up some of my beautiful fabric will be appreciated by those who are designing and making quilts and the people who receive them. For now, I have packaged up three plastic grocery bags with fabric. I don’t want to overwhelm my boss with more than that. She has to schlep it out to her car and then over to the quilting bee venue. We will do this three bags at a time…

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  1. Margaret Says:

    That is such a PERFECT use of the fabric. It helps everyone! I love the serendipity of this; it gives a warm glow to my not-so-wonderful day.