In which I was able to buy gasoline this morning

I didn’t really care what the price of gas was today. A lot of people are really excited about how cheap gasoline has been lately. I am kind of oblivious. It was a little scary when it went above $4.00 a gallon a few years ago, especially since we are supposed to put mid-grade gas into the Ninja. And I do even though Honda says that regular would probably be fine. I remember telling somebody (probably my Sam) back in the beginning of the $4.00 a gallon years that I could afford that amount but $10.00 might be difficult. In general, when I pump gas, I tend to ignore the price. I am more concerned about the weather. There’s that zen feeling of standing next to your vee-hickle in five degree temps with a gas pump in your hand, looking out over Vet’s Park (if you happen to be filling your tank at the Jackson / N. Maple Shell station). Been there, done that so many times.

I was just glad that the gasoline pump sucked up my debit card this morning and I didn’t have to use the cash I had on hand to pay for it. I don’t normally keep a lot of cash on hand but I actually had 50-some dollars today, which is more cash than I usually have and was enough for this morning’s gas, which was in the $2.00 range so I dunno what I paid. All said and done, one of our debit cards was hacked a while back. Our bank caught the hack and disabled the debit card. I work in that industry and I was impressed about how well it was handled.

One Response to “In which I was able to buy gasoline this morning”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Driving an SUV, I hate filling up–but it’s been less painful lately. I don’t drive much, so the price of gas doesn’t make a huge impact on my budget. 🙂