Brady Moose

The Center of the Universe? We’re on State Street on The Planet Ann Arbor. The Diag is across the street and off to the right a bit.


After all these years, I should learn to leave work 15 minutes earlier on Friday Folk Fest night than I did today… I made it downtown to the Red Hawk restaurant in just about record time I think. I ran [yes really] probably about a 10th of the way. I was a hot mess by the time I got all the way to the Red Hawk. The Twinz of Terror and a ‘hattan were waiting for me. Yay!!! I asked the GG if I looked like a scarecrow. I think the answer was “yes” but I didn’t care doodlysquat.


The Twinz were headed on over to the Ann Arbor Folk Festival. I don’t “do” concerts, particularly the folk fest, which means sitting for something like *six* hours in one seat. KW? Not so much. She has to be busy…

Anyway, KW was all set to walk home from the Red Hawk even though her YakTrax had pretty much disintegrated on the walk / run downtown. But then… A friend was celebrating a birthday today. KW wondered if that friend might be downtown… She called… Yes! So KW walked from the Red Hawk down to the Real Seafood Company, met up with her friend (and his lovely wife, of course). And had so much fun that she stayed much longer than planned and actually accepted a ride home.


Happy birthday John and many thanks for the ride home.

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  2. Margaret Says:

    You can run in Yak trax–wow! I’m very impressed. I can’t sit for that long either; I’m way too antsy.