Wish I had a cool title like last night’s but I don’t so…

kishuWhew! Today… Plum Market (breakfast stuff), Kiwanis Thrift Sale (3 boxes & a bunch of old suitcases dropped off (us), 1 egg-pan lid purchased (The Uncly Uncle)), Argus Farm Stop (coffee & veggies), Best Buy (new rooooooomba!!!), REI (various small camping items), 640 (retrieve boxes from storage unit), Rackham (folk fest pre-glow dinner), Kilwin’s (visit my Mouse), home (whew). The Plum Market trip and the trip from Rackham to home via Kilwin’s were on foot, thank you very much, plus I took my 0-skunk-30 neighborhood prowl before all of this other stuff. Actually, I started out toward the Plum shortly after I returned from that little hike only to remember that the Plum doesn’t open until 8:00. It was 7:38. Fortunately, I remembered this as I was walking down the driveway and didn’t have to hang around outside the Plum Market for 15 minutes. Although I suppose I could’ve spent that time in the warmth of the in-store Zingerman’s outlet, which opens at seven.

So it was a Shopping Day. I hit my limit very quickly at Best Buy. I grabbed my new rooooomba and was headed for the checkout when the Twinz of Terror got distracted by a TurboTax display. A “discussion” ensued and my eyes glazed over. It’s tax season again. Sigh… I went out to the Ninja and sat there doing the crossword on my phone. Same thing at REI. At least I am now a member in my own right. When they ask, “Are you a member”?, I no longer have to simper, “My husband is.” I have my own card. And he *is* a long-time REI member but he joined under my phone number so there have been some awkward moments when I’ve been at the checkout without his card and his phone number doesn’t match the one they have on file because they have MY PHONE NUMBER ON FILE. I think this dates from the time he lost his old “dumb” phone outside The Ark. He went without a cell phone for eight months or so and then… dun dun dun… The iPhone came out. And we can haz those. Although, at that time, with only one salary and a child in college, it seemed crazy to make that purchase.

I hit my limit big time at the Folk Festival pre-glow dinner tonight. Not my shopping limit, my social limit. The food was wonderful, the bartenders were more than friendly. The folks at the table were were fun. But I was done done done. Love.

2 Responses to “Wish I had a cool title like last night’s but I don’t so…”

  1. Jay Says:

    I have been playing with TTax for a couple of weeks now. Was humming merrily along when we ran into the “you can’t do a small business on Deluxe anymore. You MUST upgrade” notice. Mind you – not mentioned in the store, but the day after I made this discovery, the TT overlord was on the news apologizing that they had not done a better job getting the word out. (Not that you had to spend $40 more for the home/business version to finish Schedule C.) We are most of the way through entering information – still waiting on some forms. And managed to get Rey’s almost done today too. (Not as a helicopter parent, but if we paid the money for the program, I will do as many kids as I can. Ashlan slipped the ship a few years ago because she has to also do NY state tax and NYC city tax.

    And we just returned from our walk that included a stop at the grocery store. Last nights walk was the big shopping. Today’s sojurn was to pick up forgotten items, that could be shoved into pocketses.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I am stressed about tax season because UBS is always so late sending me tax info and on top of that, I’ll be in and out of the state and even country in March and early April. Yikes!! REI is a big deal around here and Alison loves them. It was unfortunate for her budget that the Bellingham REI was about 5 minutes away from her apartment.