Closing the Grizzly Peak Barrrooom…

Yes, I closed a bar today. I have closed a barrroooom (or two or 10) in my life but if you asked me when the last time I closed one was, I would have a hard time coming up with a date or even a memory (hmmm…).

We’re in the middle of our biggest snowstorm since November (yes, November) today. I was not particularly happy about the snow. I believe I am suffering a wee bit of PTSD following the polar vortex winter (and November). Plus I didn’t get my 0-skunk-30 walk in. Partly because the Uncly Uncle was leaving this morning and we went over to the VK for breakfast and partly because I did not get up as early as usual. This storm seems to be bigger than predictions. We all expected that the UU would drive out of the snow an hour or so north of here but it turns out that didn’t happen until Sterling. His destination was Gaylord and he made it safely and that’s all that counts.

So, we were here and the GG took a long winter’s nap and I picked away at chores and flinging (quite grumpily) and there were a couple of shoveling bouts and a blasted Bad Aminal was getting at me. I KNOW that when the Bad Aminal comes around, I need to engage in vigorous low-impact outdoor physical exercise. Nevertheless, when the GG suggested walking downtown, my initial reaction was something like, “What?” I quickly came to my senses. Maybe it was because he suggested getting a “beer” “somewhere”… Okay… I knew he was thinking of the Grizzly and that’s where we ended up.

We took the Longcut through Miller Woods and here is our buddy welcoming us at the entrance.


I was sitting in the Ninja yesterday while the Twinz of Terror perused the offerings at the Kiwanis Thrift sale. I like to donate things to the sale but I’m kind of a chicken about going in there to look at the Stuff because I might see something I-E-I-E-I donated (plus I am NOT a shopper) so I sat in the Ninja, which turned out to be cool because Lovely Rita was writing parking tickets but she apparently skipped the Ninja because I was sitting in it — the Twinz were coming out at that time and noticed. Anyway, I had a view of the Drop Acid, Not Bombz bridge and this piece of “art” underneath it. My iPhone cam captured this differently than my eyes did but I would have to write a book to describe that.


The Grizzly Peak is the best place on earth to ride out a snowstorm. We spent some time there on New Year’s Day 2014 during a big hockey game. January 1st. February 1st. No Canadians in town today. Nobody noticed my Maple Leaf Backpack and nobody welcomed me to my own city.


We were ready to leave at four o’clock and that’s when a management person notified our lovely bartender that the weather conditions were worse than predicted and the Grizzly Peak was CLOSED. So I closed a barrrooom today!


We slodged on up the long hill to our neighborhood, stopping at the Plum Market for snacky stuff and OJ and an attempt on KW’s part to buy stuff for the next few days. We both accomplished our shopping missions but KW was feeling really piggy, so she went beyond and bought some Kettle Cooked Sea Salt potato chips and a tub of french onion dip. She really wanted regular old Lays potato chips but the Plum does not carry those.

On the way tooooooo the Plum, we (and the driver behind her) helped push someone through the Dexter / N. Maple intersection. On the way back, I encountered a Plum Market cart by the bus stop. There was one there early in the morning when I walked over to meet the Twinz of Terror for breakfast. I’m pretty sure there *wasn’t* one there when I walked over to the Plum in the late morning. Anyway, not a whole helluvalotta plowing has happened here on The Planet Ann Arbor and this is what it looked like when we slodged the final mile between the Plum and the Landfill.


We are currently under a yellow snow something-or-other. You can take that any way you want to and you know that some folks already have over to the dark side but what it really means is don’t drive tonight. We aren’t going to. I wonder if we’ll be able to get out tomorrow. Those slackers over where the GG works may close tomorrow but my work will not. That’s not normally a problem because I can work from home. But I have a presentation tomorrow afternoon and I would rather do that *in* the office. We’ll see…

One Response to “Closing the Grizzly Peak Barrrooom…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    We have had nothing, even in the mountains. Although I personally don’t mind, I hanker for one snow day off. 🙂 It rarely sticks around here for more than a day or two and provides a break from routine. Hope you can do your presentation; it’s difficult to get geared up for something and then not get to do it.