Groundhog Day

shovelingFirst things first. Yes there was a bit of a server hiccup and yesterday’s blahg post disappeared for a while. You’re welcome! By the time The Guru let me know, I had already restored yesterday’s post from feedly (sorry ’bout that, readers). It’s okay. I have the best Web Guy on earth! I did lose a coupla comments but one of those was from my BFF Sam aka The Guru’s spouse. Anyway, I have those comments via email.

Storm total 14.1″. We got a lot of snow during the polar vortex winter but we haven’t had a storm total that high in years. Yes, we were snowed in this morning. Actually, that isn’t 100% true. The Mean Green Frog Hoppin’ Musheen could’ve probably gotten out of the neighborhood. The problem is that the Ninja was *behind* the Frog Hopper in the driveway and I am sorry but the Ninja was not going anywhere today. Not even in and out of the driveway. Hence, the Frog Hopper wasn’t going anywhere. In the photoooo, the GG is actually shoveling in the street. The idea was to make a place to put the Ninja while the Frog Hopper got out. I bagged it and telecommuted today. The plows have still not been by and we are apparently not getting mail today. Which is okay because it’s mostly catalogs and spam and if I am organized, it hits the recycle cart before it comes into the house. I know. If we were “rich”, we would have a big McMansion with a multiple car / boat garatchke. We aren’t in either the 47% or the 1%. Wherever we are within those metrics, we like to live as simply as we possibly can. Don’t you? I don’t really care where we are within those metrics but I do know that money is the root of all evil.

woodsTwitter play:
The GG [whose work closed today]: Is your work closed?
KW [whose work did not close today]: My work NEVER closes. If you can get to work in / after a snowstorm (and want or need to be there), you go to work. If you don’t need to be there, you telecommute.

That Twitter play was probably way longer than 140 characters but you get the point. And so I did telecommute today. And I ended up with big-time Cabin Fever. Missing Cubeland.

I loved the Groundhog Day movie and I need to watch it again, I guess. I lived a version of Groundhog Day the winter that The Comm died (2012). I may write the details of that sometime but I can’t right now. At this moment, I remember flashes of all of that whole period. Walking up and down the escarpment. Listening to an oxygen musheen. I can still hear that particular tune. Cousins. Those who helped me get through those months. Sadness but love and laughter as we ushered a G2 Fin through her final days.

Am I boring that I check the time of the sunrise and sunset and the moon phase every morning? Waxing gibbous today. I took a late afternoon walk today. I didn’t notice the moonrise but I did notice how beautiful the sun made the woods. When I got back from that walk (still no goddamn plows), I strongly encouraged the GG to go and walk in the woods. And so he did. Beautiful day. Want to get to work tomorrow.

2 Responses to “Groundhog Day”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Gorgeous snow! (looks pretty in photos from far away in WA–snicker) When Patt was sick, Groundhog day was exactly the way I felt. Chemo, shots, hospital trips, blood counts…over and over. Today is Alison’s birthday, although it was yesterday in Korea. 🙂 The love of money is the root of all evil, right? I do believe that too much money corrupts many people though.

  2. jane Says:

    last night’s moon rise was very pretty (leaving work) and this morning it was also setting quite nicely — a bit of cloud in front of it maybe made it seem that much prettier. although f-ing cold at minus 9.