Don’t eat the yellow snow

snowcrapOh, y’all know the snow is not yellow. That’s an effect of iPhoneography with very low light and a lazy iPhoneographer. Oh, not really lazy as you will find out (hint: see the shovel?). I am not here to win photography (or even writing) awards. I am here because writing about my boring life (what little of it is blahggable) is part of what makes me tick, keeps me going, floats my boat. Whatever. Hmm, there’s an [easy Monday] crossword puzzle in those phrases don’tcha think? But I am not a cruciverbalist by any stretch of the imagination, so I won’t be constructing one.

Where the heck was I? Oh yeah. Finally. It was that batscope hour. The snowplows were in the street! Yay! Actually, that’s about what time I figgered they would come along. Did I go back to sleep after that? I think so but I didn’t go back to sleep after I visited the Water Closet a while later. My mind was racing. OF COURSE, at 5:30 when the alarm staticked, it was all I could do to drag myself outta the rack. I knew what was waiting for me at the end of the Landfill Driveway. It was actually worse for us than for many of the other neighbors because our next door neighbor had parked his work van on the street and that means the plow cuts a wide swath around it and, oh well, it left that huge mess.

I used my trusty shovel (in the pitcher) to clean it up. I expected a certain amount of cement-like stuff but it really wasn’t all that bad and I was egregiously idling the Ninja the whole time I was shoveling, which meant that the GG had a warmed-up vee-hickle and nothing to shovel. Apparently he was the Talk of the Town at work today (maybe that’s overstating it [wink]) telling everyone his wife did all of that at 6:00 AM. Apparently a lot of women don’t shovel snow? Say what? Women are too fragile to shovel? Meee? Do they know that I am a native Yooper? Shoveling? All hands on deck!

Well, yada yada yada and I hope The Comm isn’t reading this from wherever because she hated when I said “yada yada yada”. Love you anyway, Mrs. Comm. The GG does a heckuva a good shoveling job and has probably done more than I have throughout the most recent snowstorm. He prefers to use his Yooper Scooper. It’s a bit big for me or maybe it’s just not easy for someone with a typical woman’s body to manage. I noticed that they now sell wheels for the Yooper Scooper. I wonder if I would like it better with wheels. I might. xmas gift 2015? Until then, I will use my regular shovel.

Anyway, the snow does not look yellow here at all. It is a beautiful pristine white. Don’t let that fool you into eating it though. There are a whole lotta dogz walking by the Green Couch all day every day and [most of] their owners clean up number two but those dogz provide nitrogen anywhere and everywhere (and there are a few humans who do too [wink]) and their owners can’t bag that up so just don’t eat the dern snow.

Here’s our old friend Frank Zappa with Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow. I encountered an ad when it started but it’s a short one.

I think I am done for tonight. More snow coming. More to shovel. KW the Yooper Woman is here to help do the job.

Good night,
Kayak Woman

One Response to “Don’t eat the yellow snow”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m sure I’ve told you this before but I’ve never owned a snow shovel, and never shoveled snow, but could probably do a decent job of it. It would be great exercise!!