Got Snow?

Here is My Personal Parking Space (at work). Note that I do not have a sign saying something like KW, Systems Analyst. My dad had a sign like that at the 1st National Bank. Jack Finlayson, President. He had his own parking spot. I doubt if anyone would ever park in his spot. My parking spot is not all that certain. I park as close to the pond as I can and usually nobody else parks in that row so I usually get my preferred spot. Occasionally someone else parks in my space, not knowing that it is My Space. The folks I work with do not take my spot (actually, they figger out if I am at work via whether the Frog Hopper or [usually] Ninja are there. More likely it’ll be a visiting Birder. That is always okay with me. Last winter, the row my spot is in was not plowed out at all and I was reduced to parking in the second row for a long time. Our parking lot has been plowed a bit better this winter (and we haven’t had as much snow) and I am able to park in My Parking Place. Note that there are no seagulls on top of my vee-hickle [grin].


And so, the drive home was not a long ugly snowy slodge today. The sun was out, the traffic was light, the roads were dry, and I took the I94 18-wheel Slogway for the first time since last Friday. And arrived home earlier than usual but found (surprise) a couple feet of cement-snow at the bottom of the driveway, left by an unexpected plow run. Okay, I will spend a half hour shoveling that crap outta the driveway. I had cleared enough of it by the time the Ninja was driving down the street that it was able to climb the driveway without an issue.


I will leave you with this photoooo of a February sunset reflecting in the front window of our humble but loverly Landfill. Love y’all, KW!


3 Responses to “Got Snow?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Great sunset photo–looks so homey!! We have NO snow anywhere here and we need some.

  2. liz carter Says:

    You make Winter seem like fun. How do you do that?

  3. Sam Says:

    Fun, well, except for that plowed-up cement-snow…that stuff is nasty!!