“I wanted to urbanP in the woods but a woman walked in there ahead of me & I didn’t want to make her nervous.”

So he did *not* go *into* the woods. I dunno where urbanP happened. He did text from West Park and there are discrete areas to urbanP there so maybe that’s where. Okay, somehow I married a guy who understands this kind of thing! How cool is that? I don’t think it’s totally because he has two daughters, four sisters, two sisters-in-law, nieces and great-nieces all over the place and regularly hikes the North Country Trail with a bunch of women. I think he just “gets” it. Not that he doesn’t ever say anything that gets under my skin. Or his daughters’ skins. Or even my mother’s skin back when she was still alive and he was her fav-o-rite son-in-law.

It was in the lower 30s when I headed downtown to the Oscar Tango tonight. Way too hot for boots but slippery stuff everywhere so I strapped YakTrax onto my Red Keens for the trek down. Here is Chez Regenstreif in the snow (third house from the right).


Walking downtown is an eastward trek so, when I got all the way there and turned to cross the street, I was amazed to see the sunset.


There’s a photo bomber in there too. Not sure you can see him but he was holding his young daughter’s hand and singing “I wanna hold your hand!”. I was in a time warp remembering watching none other than The Beatles singing that on Ed Sullivan back in the day. I loved the music and the Beatles so much that I wanted to scream like all the other girls were doing. Alas, we didn’t really *do* that at my house. “We” didn’t like the fancy sopranos on those shows either. Even though The Comm’s beloved sister Charlotte was a trained soprano. Go figger. Anyway, if I had a sister maybe we might have felt okay about screaming to the Beatles on Ed Sullivan. Solidarity. I loved my little brother (where art thou?) but I kind of always wanted a sister too. It wasn’t in the cards for me but maybe it’s why I was so happy when my second child was also a girl. My Mouse. Sisters. Do they always get along perfectly? No, of course not. What were you thinking? But they do love each other.

I am rambling. We had a great time at the Oscar Tango tonight. We could’ve gone downtown to a MOCAD opening but we hadn’t been to the OT for a while and won’t be there next week and I had a hankering to go there. I kind of thought we’d be Porterized and so we were. We are already talking about that horse race if you can believe that. You know, the one that runs in May. I sure hope I didn’t fling that straw hat! I’ll find it. Speaking of MOCAD, apparently the quilt fabric I donated is appreciated and being put to good use. Sooooooo happy about that.

Tomorrow? What can we fling? Somebody sorted out a whole crapload of stuff to fling today. Yay!

Oh, almost forgot. This it’s a YouTube link but it’s a good one if you grew up back in the day of Harvest Moon (and maybe lots of y’all have already seen it). I’ve been seeing it fly by on them thar tubes for a few days and finally [warily] decided to check it out.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Three brothers for me and two daughters. It’s a strange dynamic and made me ignorant of girl politics and drama. My daughters don’t always get along but have become close friends over the years. I’m very happy about that!

  2. isa Says: