I don’t remember the zebra

dollhouseIt’s my dollhouse. No, it’s *my* dollhouse. Said another Treasure Mart customer. Okay, that’s not exactly what she said and her tone was not “snippy” at all. It was just that we both remembered the dollhouse. Or one very similar to it. I don’t exactly remember the zebra (or do I?) but I remember the stairs and the fireplaces and the Dutch door leading out of the garage. Neither one of us bought it. If I ever go back to Treasure Mart and the aubergine glass dish is still there I *will* buy that, fifty-five dollars be damned. Oh hell, Brooooosie prob’ly already has it…

Other than that, I am multi-tasking today and maybe I’ve taken on more than I should have but that’s okay. That is that I went to the grokkery store on the way *to* work to buy non-perishable stuff (and an onion, which is pretty much non-perishable for a day-long duration in a vee-hickle in 20-something degree temperatures but lots of sunlight). I walked over to the Plum Market *after* work to pick up, oh, I dunno, stuff for dinner and more. More on what I am doing later in the week, I guess. It is not all that exciting.

It is soooo much easier to walk over to the Plum Market this winter than last. Last winter, my YakTrax couldn’t always deal with the ice. I took to using an REI hiking pole to help me navigate the neighborhood. I remember once returning from the Plum and complaining to my neighbor about the ice on the sidewalks. I wasn’t complaining about *his* ice! I was complaining about *my* ice. Like, “I can’t complain to the homeowner because the homeowner is MEEEEEE!” There are some tricky spots this year but I often trek over to the Plum in Keen sandals (without YakTrax) and I haven’t used my hiking pole once. But I may need it this weekend. I will definitely need snowshoes. More on that later in the week.

Love y’all,

One Response to “I don’t remember the zebra”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I loved doll houses and may have had one like this. It certainly brings back memories. Lots more snow expected? Send us some!