It’s Monday and today that means I mucked around in various archaeological digs over at Cubeland all day, consequently, I do not have much to say. So how ’bout some Snow Creatures?

First up, I’m not sure what this elegant erection (don’t go there) is. I think it emulates Rock Art.


Then we have this fine example of an old-fashioned snowman.


The Blimpy Bear! I’m not sure I’ve ever encountered the Blimpy Bear before. Blimpy Burger used to be in a location that is pretty far off my usual beat. Now that it has moved downtown a couple doors down from the Fleetwood and sorta catty-corner from the Oscar Tango, it’s not so far off my beat. I had to more or less stand in line to take this pitcher. Bonus: Don’tcha love those big black piles of snow across the street? I have a photooo of a similar snowpile taken in Paradise last MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND! Yes, really!


Here’s a cute wee little snow-person.


Finally, there was this Super Structure! I’m not sure exactly what all is involved here but there is definitely a slide-through feature and we think those orange frisbees(?) are windows. I asked this kid if I could take the picture and I offered to take one without him in it. I think he was proud of his creation, and deservedly so!


Although there is a lot of snow in these pics, it was in the 40s when I took them. That’s HOT for February here in the Great White North. I snapped the Rock Art sculpture pic early in the morning and when I went by later in the day, it was listing just a wee bit. I didn’t notice it this morning (or even yesterday morning) so I don’t think it survived the weekend’s February thaw. We’re going back down the escalator this week…

3 Responses to “Snowgallery”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I don’t remember us ever getting that much snow. (maybe once or twice in my lifetime) A foot is a TON for us. We can’t make cool forts.

  2. Tonya Says:

    And to continue on Margaret’s note, even when we DO get a fair amount of snow (like, maybe 8″), it is very short-lasting. Which means any dirty plowed mounds are gone within a couple of days. (That’s the way I like it!)

  3. Pooh Says:

    We used to make snow forts in Grand Rapids, where we had lake effect snow, but I don’t remember making them in Ann Arbor.