Morning has broken

Very hard to break the slodginess of this weekend. We finished prodject 2 out of the three we were eyeballing this weekend. The results are below — multi-colored LED rope lights above the cabinets where I keep my Glass Collection (it’s a small one and I do not need anything more (except maybe for that aubergine bowl down at Treasure Mart yesterday)). Other than that, my collection is closed (as is my Santa collection).


It’s an awful pic and I’m not sure that I am all that happy with the result of the prodject, even after tweaking. What I was really going for was a string of tiny multi-colored LED lights on an invisibly thin waaaar. So that they could kind of wind around my Glass Collection in a random kind of way. I don’t regret purchasing these lights but I’m gonna keep looking for what I want. These lights are cool and we’ll keep them and use them elsewhere… I am not a hoarder but you can’t have too many LED light strings.

One more thing I will say about this pitcher is that you can reinvent your crappy old chitchen into a new beautiful space but, as you can see, clutter still happens. And spills in the refrigerator, like the one I discovered late this afternoon and eventually managed to clean up.

I may not have gotten much done this weekend but the GG spent a lot of time cleaning out a Landfill Dungeon closet (Friday) and rummaging dredging out (today, I think paper stuff mostly, unimportant snail mail, etc.). I won’t go into detail about the sweater that somehow slipped onto the closet floor and became mouse-eaten or when I found recyclable stuff in the Recycle Area (ledge by the front door) and took them out to the bin, which prompted a bit of dumpster diving.

We had a thing going on for a while where we would drive down to Barton Dam and walk the trails there as the sun was setting. The sun now sets late enough that there’s no point in going down there for a sunset walk. We went there in the mid-afternoon today. It was in the 40s this afternoon. The trails were snow-covered and slippery but it was a predictable kind of slippery and my Keen sandals did fine although I’d’ve been *running* with YakTrax. We ran into the Motown Ann Arbor Hash House Harriers. They were all hiking / running / drinking beer and they invited us to join them. Maybe we will at some point. For now, we are solitary hikers when we are not hanging out with the North Country Trail folks. But these folks seem like a lot of fun.


Morning has broken. Here is Cat Stevens. Today when I took my 0-skunk-30 walk, I heard bird song. I am not a serious birder by any stretch of the imagination but I have been on the Umich birder’s email list forever and I know the difference between bird song and “calls” or whatever. I heard birdsong this morning. Other folks on the birder’s list also heard bird song today. They also smelled skunks. Okay, I smell them all the time. It’s been a warm weekend but I think we’re going down the escalator again for the next week. This is normal for the Great Lake State. But birdsong is a sign that spring will come someday.

Love y’all, KW

2 Responses to “Morning has broken”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Spring is on its way because we are seeing more LIGHT. (my tulips are up quite high already, but then our weather has been springlike all winter) Yep, clutter happens. My bar counter is a magnet for it.

  2. Margaret Says:

    Now that I’m a tile expert(haha), is the right side of your tile laid brick style and the left standard? My tiles in the bathroom were rectangular instead of square so I had no choice except brick style. I love it!