lanternAdventures in inadvertently p*ssing people off or scaring them while wearing YakTrax.

I was heading toward the checkout counters at the Plum Market. I exited one of the aisles. I lurched forward a bit. The young mom-with-kids who was also headed to the checkout counters raised her eyebrows and opened her mouth in terror! I’m not sure if she thought I was racing to beat her to one of the checkouts or if she thought I was coming after her kids (uh, no thanks, I have my own). I quickly said, “You go ahead!” And then I tried to explain that I was wearing YakTrax and they can be squirrely on hard floors (like the one at the Plum Market). I am as aware as ever of trip-trapping along through a space without knocking everyone down but I don’t have as much control as I do when I’m wearing my Keen sandals, for example. She laughed at my explanation but I’m not sure she was all that convinced.

Coming home from the Plum Market after work today, I gauged via the traffic signals that I could run (and I did run) across the intersection. I did not hit the walk signal. Alas. A very smiley person was walking up to the intersection from the other direction. She did not get a walk signal. We were having a friendly conversation but she did say something about me not hitting the Walk Button. No, I didn’t. I had made a split-second decision to *run* across the street at an advantageous time. If I *had* hit the Walk Button, she would still have had to wait for the next light cycle. It is a long one for that particular crossing and it is cold out today and I felt her pain. Still, although I kept apologizing for not hitting the goddamn Walk Button, it was all a smiley, friendly conversation and I was kind of wondering if maybe she was walking around at a bit less than 100. Which is okay. Just that why the heck do I still (hours later) feel so guilty about not hitting that goddamn Walk Button?

We’re in for a nasty overnight although I do not think we are supposed to get a lot of snow. I won’t say what the GG has been doing since he got home from work. It involves the block heater on the Frog Hopper and that is all that I will say except that, if the Frog Hopper started up at Tahq in minus-19 the other day, it will start tomorrow morning and that’s all that counts.

3 Responses to “Lurch!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Many people are so suspicious these days. Perhaps they’ve been lied to too much by others, so they don’t have much trust left. BRRRRR. Is a block heater to keep the car from freezing? Obviously I’ve never owned one. 😉

  2. elizabeth Says:

    I think it is a heat tape sort of thing that heats the dip stick to keep the oil heated. I love this blog Anne. I miss you too, see you this coming Spring I hope.

  3. Sam Says:

    Terrible cold expected here in Savannah GA tomorrow—high of 36°F predicted. Plus wind. NOT t-shirt weather! (Brrrrrr!)