Send a St. Bernard. With lots of grog. Or is it glog? Whatever.

I’ve been hackin’ up a lung the last coupla days. How ’bout you? My co-workers seem to be tolerating me. I’m not sure why. Am I Sick? I might be Sick according to someone else’s daffynition. Me? When I launched this morning, it was 1 degree. I can’t remember if it was minus or plus. What’s the difference? I put my loverly new snowpants on and my old Zippy-the-Pinhead balaclava and boots with YakTrax and I encased my iPhone into a glub into a pocket of my inner layer polar fleece so that it wouldn’t die in the cold and therefore not be able to open up the Landfill front door when I got home. And I took my usual vigorous three mile 0-skunk-30 neighborhood prowl. Like I do [almost] every day. It was gorgeous and I wasn’t cold at any time and I was in my element. I couldn’t see the moon. There was no moon at all [wink].

I hacked up a few pieces of lung during my walk. Please don’t look at where they landed. I don’t spit in general but when it’s dark… … … and there’s snow everywhere… … … and nobody is around… … … But I was nuclear powered! Sick? Not so much.

So, when you are in the Yooperland in the winter, there are snowmobiles everywhere. And there is a brewery at Tahquamenon Falls. May she stand forever. She looked like this last Saturday morning, when it was a bit below zero and the winds were howling.


The brewery was open at that time of the morning and I bet you could get a beer or some whine but we just went inside to check it out with a promise to come back later. The folks who work there drive miles over horrific roads. They are my heroes albeit the driving up there is better than it is here because the roads are plowed more frequently and there is NOWHERE NEAR as much goddamn traffic.

As it turned out, we were back at the brewery for lunch and there were about a billion snowmobilers there. Yay for snowmobilers. They help keep the yooperland economy going.


I took that photo from our fave seat at the bar next to the bathroom and where the Snowmobilers hang up their suits and helmets. Snowmobile suit technology has come a really long way since I was 18 and the drinking age was 18 and I was in the bathroom at the Stable bar in Sault Ste. Siberia and the woman in the next terlet sat down and the hood of her snowmobile suit fell into the terlet. Oy.

This place was busy last weekend.


And this is why, although I order cabernet there. It’s usually Smoking Loon or whatever. It’s all good.


Tomorrow? Minus 15? I may well take a pass on walking in the morning. But Sick? Naw. I’m hackin’ up a lung but I think that spending as much time outside as I do is a good thing. Fewer colds and those that I get rarely get me down very far.

Love y’all and good night,

3 Responses to “Send a St. Bernard. With lots of grog. Or is it glog? Whatever.”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That is TOO COLD. It dropped back into the 30s and 40s with highs in the lower 50s and it feels cold to me, after 60 degrees. 🙂 I fought that cough stuff back in November and being out in cold weather(when we actually had some) made me hack even more. I should have gone to the doc, but didn’t. It lasted about a month and a half!

  2. jane Says:

    not sure what it said at your house, but the Weather Channel said -24 this morning for Ann Arbor. but my car DID start after clearly not wanting to at first. wearing fleece lined tights today. and happier for it!

  3. jane Says:

    bah! meant to include a note that I really hope you didn’t take your walk this morning. it’s just too cold today. tomorrow – it will be balmy-ish! at 14 to start.