Temperature? Who, what, where?

snowshoeingOkay. My iPhone proclaimed -22 this morning when I checked it prior to getting up. Could that be right? Maybe. I slugged in bed 20 minutes or so longer than usual as I considered whether to bag my walk. Finally I got up and took a shower and wouldn’t you know that, according to the chitchen indoor/outdoor thermometer, it was only -2. I can do minus 2 and so I did, although I had to cut a mile off my walk because I didn’t start out as early as usual. Whatever. It was beautiful out there and I was toasty warm.

So. Came back and faaarrred up the Ninja to egregiously idle it for a bit. -10 degrees? Whatever. Still not that cold. The chichen thermometer said something like -3 at that point. The one in the bedroom was colder. -8? I fergit. By the time I was ready to go to work, the Ninja proclaimed -3 also. By the time I got to work, it was -14.

What was the temperature here on The Planet Ann Arbor? I do not know. Cold. But I think that the -22 that my iPhone reported early this morning was the reading that they get in the “hole” at the Ann Arbor airport. Makes me kind of wonder where they take the temperature in Roscommon County, where it was -39 this morning. Although it was -30 or below many places in northern Michigan this morning. We weren’t talking about the wind chill factor anywhere this morning, as far as I know. When the temperatures get that cold, there isn’t usually any wind.

It was 10 or 11 (above!) when I walked down to the Oscar Tango tonight. I was hacking up a lung the whole way. That is, when I wasn’t blowing by dose on dinky little kleenexes. Kleenexes that were inadequate for the amount of mucus that was coming out of by dose and we do not want to go there but bubbles were involved. I did that all day at work, accompanied by “Sh*t!” or whatever work-safe expletive my brain mustered. I’m sure that W1.5 across the wall was highly entertained. Or maybe grossed out would be more accurate.

The plan was to walk home too but we were Porterized tonight and so we threw in the towel and accepted a ride home. Cold and windy and what the heck. I was proud of them — they were wearing hats!

G’night! Love y’all. Stay warm if you are in the Great White North. KW.

2 Responses to “Temperature? Who, what, where?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Yikes, those are unimaginable temps to me. When it gets below 50, I think it’s chilly, although I do bundle up and run. 🙂

  2. Sam Says:

    I hope you don’t mean that the BEDROOM was -8°, but that the thermometer you could see through the bedroom WINDOW had that reading. Hahaha. (Right about freezing here at the moment, so we’re in a thaw. HarDharharhar.)